[In progress] Uncanny Ballet

Year 2408.

World War XII is opposing HUMANS and ROBOTS. The Temple of Uaxaclajuun is a major strategic point. Despite their fierce confrontation, HUMANS & ROBOTS have agreed on the historical importance of the place: instead of full-scale battles, they have organized one-on-one duels to decide who gets to control the area.

HUMANS send remotely-controlled BLUE androids.
ROBOTS send autonomous, fast-learning RED machines.

Let the ballet begin.


  • Movement = WASD/Arrows
  • Fire = Space

Comments (2)

20 days ago

Can't wait to play this! Very interested to see how your AI will work.

18 days ago

Wow the art is amazing O_O really digging it

I want to play this so much :D

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Lead the battle between human-controlled and AI-powered robots.


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