Wan on 4th Kajam entry Uncanny Ballet

A couple busy weeks put me a bit late with my 1v1 PvE platformer, but I'm back on track!

Throughout the month I have managed to complete all the basics & structure required to make the game playable, leaving this week-end to actually develop an interesting AI. All the iterations of that AI are actually going to be in-game as various levels. I hope to get at least 5 levels done:

  • Level 1 (DONE): Almost idle AI
  • Level 2 (DONE): Jumping around the map
  • Level 3 (DONE): State machine-powered objectives
  • Level 4 (IN PROGRESS DONE): Pathfinding
  • Level 5 (TODO DONE): Tactics (health management, human movement anticipation)

I'm currently hacking together a waypoint system… and hoping it won't be too hard to build movement on top of it, so that the robot can actually jump on platforms correctly.

EDIT: And the game is finished at last! One day early for once :)

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9 months ago

Wow, sounds ambitious but also very interesting! what are you building it in? Very excited to see the end result :)

9 months ago

@toasty Apart from using Unity in general, the whole waypoint/pathfinding/movement thing is homemade:

  • I painfully created the waypoints nodes & vertices one by one which took over an hour… At least I only had to do this once.
  • Pathfinding through that graph is a dumb Dijkstra (it's okay if the path is not optimal after all)
  • With careful placement of the waypoints, making the character navigate through them turned out surprisingly easy: "hold jump+arrow if your next node is higher, just walk otherwise." The AI is not even aware of ledges ; since the map does not have pixel-perfect jumps it works well enough.

9 months ago

Aaaaaaahhh! How did you finish before me?!?

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