Wan a year ago on 4th Kajam entry Uncanny Ballet

Hopefully today's not yet the day I will break my achievement of entering all Kajams. Here's a quick look at my previous entries:

1st Kajam 2nd Kajam 3rd Kajam
Theme: Game juice Theme: Sound Effects Theme: Story

Rat Park

Kommandant RNLF

Unknown Sender

For this new event I'm currently thinking of the following:

  • Pixel-art platformer on a unique, single-screen level
  • 1-on-1 fight against AI with a variety of items
  • Randomized weapon/heal/buff spawn

In short, something close to a simplified Super Crate Box with a nice opportunity to have fun with the AI. I don't think I'll do too much technical research on AI in general, I'll just have fun with a finite state machine.

EDIT: First progress gif (red is an AI jumping around randomly)

EDIT2: I have created a page for my work-in-progress entry as Robot Duels

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a year ago

Good luck! With state machines alone you can do wonders.

Just played Unknown Sender. Really cool! Wanna see what you do with this one.

a year ago

Looking forward to playing this, as usual. Also nice GIF :D

a year ago

Just seen the gif. Wow, just jumping randomly, and he already looks no much less intelligent than the controlled character. Reminded me of this great gdc talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xWg54mdQos

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