Beet Drop!

Beet Drop

Keep up the beet! Make beats by dragging the mic around in 360 VR thanks to A-Frame. This is my first A-Frame game. I have recently learned A-Frame and wanted to test it. I want to hear your feedback. Play it here:


A-Frame VR


Floor Texture:,
Beet Texture:,
Mic Model: 3dcorruptionstudio, CC-BY,
A-Frame tutorial that made this possible: "Building an Immersive Game with A-Frame and Low-Poly Models" by Josh Marinacci,


Drag the mic, don't drop the beet!


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10 months ago

This might be a silly question, but are you supposed to make a beat to match the tempo of the background music, or is smacking red blocks the only goal? For a first entry into VR, it's a good start( though to be fair I was playing it on my Mac. the VR experience is most likely very different).

10 months ago

This is a interesting game, and it took me quite a while before i knew what was going on around me. this is really neat. I bet in VR instead of a browser (like I was playing) this would be quite interesting to play!

10 months ago

@SnowFox Thank you. Yes, smacking the "beet blocks" (very difficult to tell what they are now that I look at them, but they were taken from an image of a beet when the actual beet model proved too expensive for A-Frame) is the only goal. I thought it would be nice to match the tempo. Didn't get there or see an easy way to do it, so I settled for just messing around without a real goal.

@Orionintheforest Thank you. I'd like to add hand controls and boxing gloves so that in VR, you'd be spinning in circles beating up beets to make beets. Probably a bad idea for people getting sick or something.

10 months ago

interesting game. VR games have a big problem that they need vr headset which everyone do not have.
i would recommend you to create non vr games

10 months ago

i can only imagin how it would play with VR, Kb+Mse is hard with this.

10 months ago

Vr is ambitious for a game jam. I appreciate ability to use mouse and keyboard for sure. I feel that it should have a reason to play to the rythm as that was the visual theme you were going for, but never the less it worked well.

10 months ago

Thank you all for the feedback. I agree VR is ambitious. I figure it's the time to start learning because anyone can make a Google Cardboard for almost nothing. That said, I have no VR; I just love having 3D games right there in a browser.

10 months ago

When I launched this game I was like "hmm. Why this game is so simple?" It turns out that this game is developed for VR.

Too bad. I don't own any VR gear. I guess I woudn't be able to experience this game to the fullest. I think this game should be rather fun to play with if I had such a gear.

And it's pretty impressive to pull out a functional VR game within 72 hours. Good job!

10 months ago

@SadaleNet Thank you! I'm hoping to get quick with prototyping simple VR games. I'd like to do a bigger one for Ludum Dare in two weeks.

10 months ago

I don't have a VR rig, so I played in the browser instead. Seems like my score goes down when a block hits the floor, and goes up if I whack it with the mic, is that all? Or is there something going on with the rhythm?

Anyway, nice audio samples, a pleasant change from the often jarring generated 8-bit stuff.

I'm sure this has been answered in other comments, but I avoid reading comments before posting so as not to be biased.

10 months ago

Didn't get to play it in VR either, but it's cool to see experiments in that domain :)

Here it's obviously only a start, with little gameplay and no win/lose conditions, but I see potential in here. Making a virtual drums game in VR feels like a great idea. Promising!

(Looking for existing VR games I ended watching this, must be fun :D)

10 months ago

@thomastc Thank you for the feedback. And yes, I forgot to credit these awesome samples to Daft Punk on Human After All. I found them through a tutorial a while back that I can't find right now. Sorry for the lack of specificity there.

10 months ago

@Wan Thank you for your feedback. Yes, that game looks really fun, although it's basically moving in one direction and my idea was more of a make-yourself-dizzy (would it really?) spin-around-in-circles 360 paddle ball, with beats (and beets). I'm envious of how cool that drum game is. I also feel excitement because like you said, this is an experiment, and I hope we can break more and more ground into the uniqueness of VR and what it offers us as gamers.

10 months ago

Like everyone else I think, I didn't played it in VR so I'm sure it is different to play the game in VR.
There is not much gameplay for now but as you said you are learning A-Frame so it's normal.
Gamejams are a good way to test new things ;)

10 months ago

I didn't get a chance to play it in VR, but it seems like it'd be really cool there!

I'm gonna see if I can find my cardboard and give it another play soon!

10 months ago

I was only able to play it in the browser. It's quite an interesting idea. With some polish, this might become a very fun experience, especially in VR.

10 months ago

Thank you everyone for the feedback. @sebastianscaini I'd love to see what it's like for you with cardboard. I may not have all the controls set up right for that, but I hope it will be fun.

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