Starting an hour early 3

voxel • 9 months ago on 12th Kajam entry  CYBERVAULT RUSH

I'm starting an hour early because I'm a dirty cheater. Current plan is to do a Game Boy entry…

Ivana, Igor, and the Dragon: Post Jam Version 0

heyheyhey • 10 months ago on 7th Alakajam Tournament 

Ivana, Igor, and the Dragon v2 features a few improvements, including:

Thanks again to everyone who played and provided feedback during the jam.

666 Coins Tournament Edition 0

ratrogue • 10 months ago on 7th Alakajam Tournament 

After we submitted 666 Coins to the 7dfps we continued to work on it - on things like little rats roaming the dungeon, a lot of additional and beautified map sections, improved level generation, hiding under tables (yes, there's furniture now!) …

And for the Tournament we created a special mode where players have to hunt statues. We'd like to invite everyone to play the improved 666 Coins Tournament Version, and welcome any feedback!

Play here

Preparing for Alakajam Tournament 0

bradur • 10 months ago on 7th Alakajam Tournament 

So since our game Path of the Shaman is going to be one of the tournament games we thought it could use some tweaks. Here's a list of fixes that the Post Jam Fix (WebGL) has:

  • Local high scores for both modes
  • Fixes for some freezes
  • Music no longer starts from the beginning after a restart but instead keeps on going
  • Endless mode changes (the one that should be played in tournament!):
    - Now starts faster and has a faster max speed.
    - Speed indicator to see how fast the game is going.
    - The slow "prepare for controls" animation is now only enabled in story mode. Should make endless mode feel snappier.

Happy shrooming!

My first Alakajam! 2

netervati • 11 months ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Parazyte

Just submitted my first alakajam entry a day ago.

It was fun, but stressful at the same time. I basically wrote the game's framework in vanilla javascript during development (except for the audio which was handled with Howler.js). I really tried to follow the OOP pattern, but ended up with a bloated file and a messy code. Here's the spaghetti source code for anyone who's interested to tinker it. Also, the game is not balanced. The first wave is difficult, but past that everything is basically a cake walk. I'll make some updates after the event.

Still, this was an amazing experience. I'm looking forward for the next alakajams.
Good luck everyone!

Post Mortem 0

cloakedninjas • 11 months ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Truffle Kerfuffle!

It's the day after the jam..

We're quite proud of Truffle Kerfuffle!, but we did have bigger plans. Time was against us and we didn't have much left to balance things. Our original goal was to have multiple foxes patrolling the map, and you would need to head back to your little Piggy Shack to deposit the truffles you'd found. When a fox would attack you, it would steal a bunch of truffles and you would need to go to it's den to recover them. We also toyed with the idea of having a slowing mechanic, the more truffles you carried, the slower you'd be able to move.

There's a few glitches, but hopefully no game-breaking bugs!

Happy forraging 🍄

Progress report 0

heyheyhey • 11 months ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Ivana, Igor, and the Dragon

There is so much left to do. This is supposed to be some dame standing near a fire:

Finished Fido Loves Fungi for Fun 0

Flipsy • 11 months ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Fido Loves Fungi

…and we've finished our first Alakajam with the wonderfully weird Fido Loves Fungi. Can't wait to play all your games, goodluck with the final push!

Fido Loves Fungi

End of day 2! 0

DaFluffyPotato • 11 months ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Gleamshroom

I've just got the audio left to do! I'm really happy with how the visuals turned out.

Personal Logbook - Updates 1

Luckius_ • 11 months ago on 14th Alakajam! entry  Fungi vs. Bugs

First update

  • Started my project by doing "artwork" (sprites and stuff), and then adding some of them into my Godot project.
  • Created a custom grid class, because the Tilemap node wasn't satisfying enough.
  • Added some of the core things for my game.
  • Fixed a lot of small but game breaking bugs.

Can't show anything because I can't use hyperlinks yet. 1 day left, already tired, but not giving up yet.

Spoilers (if you don't want to know what my game is about (yet), don't read) : It's a Plants vs. Zombies type of game, but instead
you use mushrooms/fungi to fight against insects that are fungivore (snails, termites, beetles, and slugs) ! :D