Wan a year ago on 2nd AKJ Tournament

Maybe the trickiest game of the tournament is Whirling Blades, a mouse-only game where all items are used automatically. It can be difficult to understand exactly how things works in the fast-paced action, yet there is a lot of depth to uncover. Let's figure things out together!

Please share in the comments section any info or correction you have, I'll update this post accordingly.


Item Dropped Triggers Action
Blueberry Bushes with visible fruits When the energy bar is depleted Refills the energy bar
Apple Trees with visible fruits When the health bar goes below a certain level Refills the health bar
Seeds Fruitless trees & bushes When walking on a corrupted tile Reverts the tile to normal grass
Gel All enemies When item count reaches a certain value Upgrades the weapon
- First upgrade = 60 gel
- Second upgrade = 150 gel
- Third upgrade???


Enemy Properties
White insect Simply runs towards you. May randomly transform into Double spike creatures. If you're cornered, they can deal massive damage due to no attack cooldown.
Double spike Does not move. Fires artillery strikes that corrupt tiles.
White mask Moves slowly, shooting purple boomerangs at you.


  • Corrupted tiles: They slow you down, and destroy any living plant on them. Corruption spreads with time to neighbor tiles. In the early game, you can delay the spread of corruption a bit by restoring grass as soon as you can with your seeds. More generally, clear the spike enemies early to prevent them from firing their corrupting attacks.
  • Dashing: Useful not only for escaping monsters but also as an attack. Actually seems more powerful than the basic attack.
  • Item gathering: It doesn't seem like plants or fruits grow/spread, so gather everything you find as fast as possible.
  • Saving blueberries: Technically your energy bar resplenishes automatically, so if you're careful with your clicking, you can save blueberries for later… But to be honest the blueberries rarely empty, so click away!!!

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a year ago

Some additional observations:

  • Corrupted tiles slow you down (if you don't have a seed to restore them to grass)
  • I think the small roamers sometimes deploy to become the 'double spike' enemies. These guys fire 'artillery' strikes at you that corrupt tiles, so prioritising these guys helps slow down the corruption of the map. This is probably the most important 'tip' to survive more than three minutes imho
  • Some enemies might take more damage from the dash rather than normal attack. Maybe all of them?

a year ago

@voxel Thanks! I've updated the post accordingly.

a year ago

A lot of that was right, but a decent amount was wrong too. xD

Btw, the unofficial official names are:

  • Fly/Crab
  • Stomper
  • Tank

Less creative tbh. :P

If anyone tried the Linux version, I'd like to know if it worked.

a year ago

c'mon Fluff - throw us a bone! what was wrong?

a year ago

@dollarone if you test some of the theories, you'll find that some are wrong. :P

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