dollarone 10 months ago on 3rd Alakajam!

Congratulations one last time to everyone who entered the 3rd Alakajam! You can discover the best rated games of the jam here:

Solo winners | Team winners

High fives to everyone who took part in this fun event, whether by submitting games, joining the theme submissions, rating games and most of all giving valuable feedback to others :)

We hope you enjoyed the jam!

Next Events

4th Alakajam: 12-14 October 2018

5th Kajam: August 1st to August 30th hosted by @Laguna (What is a Kajam?)

Behind the Scenes

Thanks to all the people who made this event possible:

  • @wan and @toasty for helping me run the event and the Twitter account
  • @aurel and @danaeplays for the wonderful launch stream
  • All 10 contributors to the website source code (proudly made in NodeJS!)
  • All the streamers, youtubers and speedrunners who covered the event :)
  • And of course, all of you in the community - without you there is no jam!

We hope to see you back for more jamming on future events!

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