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dollarone • 6 years ago on 2nd Kajam 

Warm up your mikes, prepare your Sfxrs, and set your volume to 11 on this new instalment of Kajam!

This time we will be focusing entirely on sound effects. Audio feedback, explosions, pew pews - you name it!

Sound design and sound effects in games are perhaps less celebrated than beautiful graphics and tight controls, but it can really change the experience of a game. Music can be very important but sound effects can make a game memorable and immediately send you back to a certain situation when you later hear the sound.

Let's put the focus on sound effects and see how that affects our games!


  • Dec. 1st - Dec. 24th: The jam. The goal is simply to make a small game while focusing on Sound effects. Make your game over an evening or during the entire period - work solo or in a team. There's little to no rules - just a chance to practicing your soundcraft. If you're curious though, feel free to check the event rules.
  • Dec. 24th - Jan. 1st: The rating phase. For one week, all entrants will rate the Sound effects of the other games. Like on the first event: no Overall ratings, we'll only judge Sound effects.
  • Jan. 1st: Start the new year by discovering which games had the most effective Sound effects!


List of free game sound sites
Wilhelm Scream (did you know there's also a Howie scream?)
Trusty old Sfxr and related as3sfxr, Chiptone, and jsfxr
Tutorial on how to use the libs above
Bfxr, Sfxr's younger brother
Intro to Web Audio API
Tips for sound design in games
Bobby Prince (id software) on Sound Effect Design
Zachary Quarles (also id software) on game audio design documents
Excerpt from "The Complete Guide to Game Audio"
Sound Effect Fonts!
The story behind Batman’s fight graphics (OK, going off on a tangent here…)

Good luck! And have fun!

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Have fun everyone! I probably won't be joining, but here's a shameless plug for jfxr! Then again, please consider doing proper sound effects just this once ;)

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Great theme! Looking forward to make a little entry with @toasty & possibly guests :D

The linked articles look interesting btw, I never took time to actually study how to design sound well so it's a good opportunity. To dump some more links, there seem to be some sound-related studies/postmortems for commercial games out there, and especially for movies, which might be a source of inspiration as well.



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interesting theme, i guess now i have another excuse to buy the portable recorder I had been thinking of

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@tadashibashi Your music sounds great, I love your laid-back style :) Feel free to ask on Twitter as well for an RT from Alakajam's Twitter account.

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