voxel 3 months ago on 7th Kajam

Welcome to the 7th Kajam!

From the 1st of April until the 28th of April, everyone is invited to create a game! There are only a couple of rules, covered here.

Details of the theme are in the announcement video above! I encourage you to make a game that can be played on genuine hardware of the era, but that's completely optional! Interpret the theme however you like, just remember to have fun.

Some suggested resources for anyone interested in making a game for genuine 1996 hardware:
Gameboy development
PlayStation 1 development
Tapegro: write DOS games in javascript!
Nintendo 64 SDK
Sega Saturn Jo-Engine

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3 months ago

Great theme, I love it! Also 10/10 for the keynote; I hope it's the first of many.

I'm already feeling inspired. Gonna brainstorm some ideas while I snooze and see if I can make some time for a jam this month.

2 months ago

This theme is almost as good as 9182-ness! I love a random number!

2 months ago

Aw man! I cant believe I missed the start of the jam! Gotta make up for those lost days

2 months ago

@SnowFox *hours

2 months ago

Honestly, saw the post was on March 29 and thought thats when it started haha

2 months ago

this jam is all the motivation I needed to make a gameboy game

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