A very bare-bones tech demo for an adventure game

The story of an alarm clock that has a hard task of waking up one sorry ass drunk netrunner.

I was aiming for cyberpunk vibes, with lots of flashing lights. The idea would be that you could pluck out various "objects" such as icons and alert messages that float on various screens and then use them.

Unfortunately I was not able to muster enough courage to implement most of the stuff. But feel free to walk around and click on the whole three annotated objects :D

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 • 5 days ago • 

Both the atmosphere and the protagonist idea are great already, a shame you couldn't finish the game. I would play it!

 • 5 days ago • 

Super cool 'prerendered' aesthetic, I'm sad this isn't a full game. It's too bad this isn't ranked and that toasty didn't add a CURSOR category but you'd be the clear winner with this awesome pink thing, nice work!

 • 4 days ago • 

Obviously there isn't much here, but I liked what was.

The sullen humor of the most interesting thing joke really got me.
Also the animations on the maincharacter are a neat detail.

 • 3 days ago • 

Cool art! I wouldn't mind exploring more of a world like this. I had to read the description to figure out I was the number :D
Maybe some lighting effect/shadow would have helped to make the protagonist more a part of the world.

 • 2 days ago • 

I'm sad you didn't finish, but also given the time constraints it's not that surprising. This looks like the start of quite an ambitious game! Stylistically it's perfect, and I like the humour too. The cursor is very sleek as well :)

I'd really love to see more; I hope you can continue with it. Maybe even submit it unranked for a subsequent kajam (or work on it for Feedback Friends, which just happens to be right around the corner! wink wink)

 • 2 days ago • 

Really nice aesthetic with the lights and the little animated 2 travelling around the room, really nice for what it is

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