Kommandant RNLF: a post-mortem 1

toasty • 6 years ago on 2nd Kajam entry  Kommandant RNLF

So the 2nd Kajam is over, and I'm very happy with the result (and we won, sort of)!

This was a very busy month for me, but fortunately I was working with some very talented individuals. They deserve most of the credit as I only managed to push a small amount of code and a couple of level designs.

I think the game is pretty fun, despite the simple gameplay. The music & SFX are great (albeit lodged in my head forever), and everything fits together nicely. There are also some brilliant touches which I would never have thought of myself, like the cat, which give the game character.

Given more time, I think we could have benefited from adding some hazardous items (e.g. spikes) for more varied gameplay, and perhaps some animations for the player in particular. But then, the lack of animation works quite well with the retro theme, and the game doesn't really feel like it's lacking. More probably we just chose a very realistic set of features for a game jam, and executed them quite well.

I learned a few things from working with wan, too: how useful a design document can be; how to pick a simple idea and do a good job (I quite often fail to complete something because it's too complicated); and how to drive something through to completion.

Overall I'm chuffed with the result and proud to have been involved :D

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toasty • 6 years ago on Feedback Fortnight entry  Cooperoids

Introducing Cooperoids ("co-op-er-oids"):

Managed to squeeze this in, just in time! I made it for MiniLD 74 (The Coop Jam), using music by @wan. It's a 1-4 player asteroids game with slightly crumbly sound effects. Enjoy! :)