Figuring out Whirling Blades 5

Wan 1 year ago on 2nd AKJ Tournament

Maybe the trickiest game of the tournament is Whirling Blades, a mouse-only game where all items are used automatically. It can be difficult to understand exactly how things works in the fast-paced action, yet there is a lot of depth to uncover. Let's figure things out together!

Please share in the comments section any info or correction you have, I'll update this post accordingly.


Item Dropped Triggers Action
Blueberry Bushes with visible fruits When the energy bar is depleted Refills the energy bar
Apple Trees with visible fruits When the health bar goes below a certain level Refills the health bar
Seeds Fruitless trees & bushes When walking on a corrupted tile Reverts the tile to normal grass
Gel All enemies When item count reaches a certain value Upgrades the weapon
- First upgrade = 60 gel
- Second upgrade = 150 gel
- Third upgrade???


Enemy Properties
White insect Simply runs towards you. May randomly transform into Double spike creatures. If you're cornered, they can deal massive damage due to no attack cooldown.
Double spike Does not move. Fires artillery strikes that corrupt tiles.
White mask Moves slowly, shooting purple boomerangs at you.


  • Corrupted tiles: They slow you down, and destroy any living plant on them. Corruption spreads with time to neighbor tiles. In the early game, you can delay the spread of corruption a bit by restoring grass as soon as you can with your seeds. More generally, clear the spike enemies early to prevent them from firing their corrupting attacks.
  • Dashing: Useful not only for escaping monsters but also as an attack. Actually seems more powerful than the basic attack.
  • Item gathering: It doesn't seem like plants or fruits grow/spread, so gather everything you find as fast as possible.
  • Saving blueberries: Technically your energy bar resplenishes automatically, so if you're careful with your clicking, you can save blueberries for later… But to be honest the blueberries rarely empty, so click away!!!

6th Kajam to take place in November 2

Wan 1 year ago on November Challenge 2018

The 5th Kajam took place during the month of August, seing 9 entries submitted around the "Retro" theme. If you want to join the next one, know that it will take place in November, and will be hosted by regular member @DaFluffyPotato!

But what is a Kajam?

Kajams are relaxed competitions taking place over a full month, in which we make a video game focusing on a specific aspect of game making. The rules are pretty open, and don't require you to work throughout the month - even a tiny game made in an evening, or an improvement of an existing game of yours can fit! Kajams are perfect to learn, experiment and improve your gamedev skills. Detailed rules here.

The topic of the next Kajam will be chosen by its host and announced upon the start of the event. Follow us on Twitter or Reddit to stay updated!

EDIT: The Kajam is cancelled - what about we host something different this time? To be announced shortly!

Finally made my Kajam entry! 0

Wan 1 year ago on 5th Kajam entry prince.exe

My plans for August were to make a game for Ludum Dare 42 that could also fit this month's Kajam. When the LD came up with the theme "Running out of space", I quickly got the idea of a terminal game where the goal was to free space. I also felt slightly lazy at that time, and not too excited by the idea of writing a fake file system with commands for it, for some reason. When @Aurel300 offered me to join his LD entry as a composer, I was quite quick to accept, and immediately trashed my game idea x)

Fast forward to this morning - after a few days, the scrapped idea had time to grow on me a bit, and I felt I could still explore it for the Kajam. Making working terminal commands was more fun and less work than I expected! After 2 or 3 hours I could eventually add the game contents, and take some time to polish various corner cases (I was sure some players would try obscure things to see what they would do, so I didn't want to disappoint :P)

The end result took about 4 hours to make, it is short but hopefully fun. Let me know what you think!

The tournament is back. Compete on jam games! 0

Wan 1 year ago on 2nd AKJ Tournament

In September, Alakajam! is not hosting a gamedev event. Instead, we will play jam games! (omg)

How it works

For two weeks, everyone will get to play on a selection of 6 games (mostly from the 3rd Alakajam) on which they'll try to make the highest scores/best times as possible. Using screenshots as proof, players will battle to enter (and remain in) the leaderboards.

Leaderboards points are awarded to all players that enter the top 10 of a game. At the end of the event, on September 23rd, the player with the most points wins the tournament! Check the 1st tournament winners to see the current title holders :)

As usual, there's no prizes to be won other than bragging rights. We're just here to have fun!

Submit your game to the event

Hosts @toasty and @wan will pick games among those that:

  1. Have a game page on Alakajam!
  2. Have enabled the "High scores" option on their page
  3. Haven't been featured in a tournament yet

If you want us to check out an entry you made:

Submit your game here (Selection is over!)

Harder, better, A.G. Hope comes stronger 0

Wan 1 year ago on 3rd Alakajam! entry A.G. Hope

Our entry A.G. Hope has been updated! The original jam version has been patched with a couple major bugfixes, but we also took the time to make a post-compo of the game.

This new version is still far from our the original, way too ambitious goals, but brings the game on par with how we pictured it on the Sunday morning after refining the game design:

  • Restored a fourth level (which got lost by mixing > and >=)
  • Ships are powered off by default, requiring an EVA to dock them
  • Fixed enemy spawn issues, making them more dangerous
  • Some level balancing
  • Minor tweaks eg. randomizing the ship rotations

Big thanks in passing to all who already reviewed our game! We're super happy with the game reception so far, and would love to hear thoughts on the new version.

5th Kajam = 1-31 August 2

Wan 1 year ago on 5th Kajam

Good news everyone! After a calm month of July (which was actually quite busy behind the scenes, but that's another story), we are now preparing the launch of the 5th Kajam!

But what is a Kajam?

Good question!

Kajam competitions are month-long events in which people make a small video game focusing on a specific aspect of game making. For instance the previous jam, hosted by @toasty was about Artificial Intelligence. Kajams are perfect to learn, experiment and improve your gamedev skills! Detailed rules here.

The topic of the 5th Kajam will be chosen by its host @laguna and announced upon the start of the event.

Follow us on Twitter or Reddit to stay updated!

4th Alakajam! = October 12-14 3

Wan 1 year ago on 4th Alakajam!

The next full-scale Alakajam! competition will take place on the October 12-14 week-end. We will post the detailed schedule early on that month. Book the date, and see you then!

Note that before then we will still host smaller events. Here's our current plans:

  • A Kajam (in August) where you have a whole month to practice a specific aspect of game development.
  • A Tournament (in September) where we'll just compete for high scores on Alakajam! games (like this!).

To make sure not to miss the next events, you can also follow us either on Twitter or Reddit.

The ranked competition is over! 3

Wan 1 year ago on 3rd Alakajam!

Congratulations everyone for joining the jam :) You just made a game in 48 hours, which is an impressive achievement in itself!

And if any one is left unsatisfied, or even could not finish their game, I'm sure it helped you improve your game making skills, meet some people, or just have a fun week-end so there's always something positive to take away from it. We're always growing after all B-)

Submissions are still open for unranked submissions: while those won't be officially ranked, they can expect as many people to play & comment on them. So, if you haven't finished your game in time, it's actually not too late to complete something! Game submissions will completely close Monday at 9pm UTC.

We will post more details about the voting phase tomorrow evening, but you can already go play & review games right now!

Ranked jam: submission hour! 1

Wan 1 year ago on 3rd Alakajam!

The time to work on your game ends tonight at 7pm UTC for ranked entries. After that time, you have one additional "submission hour" to build your game and submit it to the site. Be careful, because so the submission of ranked entries will be effectively closed at 8pm UTC.

Voting will start right after the submission hour, so if you are looking forward to play some games, you can do so right away.
Unranked jammers have additional 24 hours ( + submission hour) so for them the doors close on Monday at 9pm UTC.

A.G. Hope: First gameplay gif 0

Wan 1 year ago on 3rd Alakajam! entry A.G. Hope

Yesterday we were really unsure where the game was going, due to it being vastly overscoped. Given what we had done yesterday, we started this morning by detailed thinking about the gameplay, and how to scope things down while keeping the game fun.

We now have a detailed task list, and despite the removal of combat we are think we can have something fun by the end of the jam. With the most tricky parts of the code already completed by @Thrainsa, we are now building various systems at light speed! Today has been super satisfying so far. Let's hope it stays so until the end :)