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Wan • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam! entry  Arkenstone

Hello from France!

We're finally gathering again our team of friends that first worked together for LD43 (see pic on the right for the resulting game).

The Dream Team

BalBoom and Thrainsa last worked together for the 5th Alakajam yielding the Trinity puzzle game. I'm also a regular partner of Thrainsa, just check our profiles to see how many jams we joined together :)

Our plans

The goal this time is to make a platformer (probably not tile-based), the kind of stuff that is easy to make when taking advantage of Unity's physics engine and its other native tools. That would mean less time writing code, more with the level editor making actual contents.

The idea is inspired by a short game (see gif below) made back in 2017 for the very last MiniLD held by Ludum Dare. I had lots of fun making it with very little code: most of the time was spent drawing random shapes on Photoshop, importing them into Unity and building levels out of them. Reusing that approach as a starting point would be great to quickly get BalBoom up to speed as our level designer.

Good luck to all!

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 • 1 year ago • 

Welcome to Alakajam, @Wan! Some hints for your first jam:

  • Make the title screen first, since its the first thing your players will see
  • Scope your game nice and big, 48/72 hours is a long time and you don't want to run out of things to do!
  • Don't bother with web builds, people prefer to download and run an installer as it makes it feel more like a professional production
  • One of your team mates is a traitor, but I can't say which. Trust no-one
  • 1 year ago • 

@voxel Thanks for the tips. We have applied your advice, and we're thinking of making a survival MMORPG with realistic graphics. We don't have an artist in the team but I plan to spend some time during the week-end to learn Maya and shader programming. I don't plan to sleep anyway :)

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