So ready 4

Raindrinker 2 years ago on 3rd Alakajam!

I'm super in! Alakajam means a lot to me, it was my first serious-mode jam after making a lot of things I never finished, and Moonlight is now my favourite child. I got 2nd with it so the stakes are too high >.<

This community is a gift. I'm sure amazing stuff will come from this jam, a lot of themes sound delicious.

Cheers and happy jamming you great mammals.

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 • 2 years ago  • 

Welcome back - and good luck!

 • 2 years ago  • 

I can't wait to play whatever it is you make this time too!

 • 2 years ago  • 

Glad to have you in again, looking forward to your entry!

 • 2 years ago  • 

Whoop, glad to hear it :)

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