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DaFluffyPotato 9 months ago on 6th Alakajam! entry Bouncy Shots

This'll be game jam #15 for me if I'm able to participate. I'll be pretty busy during the weekend, so hopefully I can pull another Spike Dungeon.

Here's what I'm using:

Good luck everyone!

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 • 8 months ago  • 

Welcome to Alakajam! For your first gamejam I recommend keeping the scope as small as possible - just try and create the most basic game possible. Once you have that working you can work on adding polish if there's time left. Just remember to have fun and if you need any help to ask on the IRC channel or Discord server!

 • 8 months ago  • 

@voxel thamks for the advice! looks like I'll be makng dwarf fortress then.

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