Feedback Fortnight finally finishes in a fantastic fashion 3

Raindrinker • 5 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2018 

Feedback Fortnight ends!

Feedback Forthinght ends just before 2019 begins!

I hope you all enjoyed the event, both if you submitted a game and got feedback or just played the submitted ones.

We got 14 great submissions and the event was quite a success all around :)
Get hyped and ready for the actual jams and other fancy events we'll have in 2019

If you perhaps want to ever discuss feedback on games, and theres no feedback fortnight around, just pop around in our chat places and stay in touch with the community! Follow @AlakajamBang on Twitter and join us on the Chat!



Steady progress! 1

dollarone • 5 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2018 entry  The Lich Ruin

I've been beavering away on my Feedback Fortnight game over the last month, making steady progress. I put up v1 a couple of weeks ago, and today I have a second version ready. There's plently of changes, bugfixes, and refactoring. I got an idea from Dr Laguna's feedback: you can now upgrade your spells after you defeat certain wizards. Adding this feature required refactoring a whole bunch of code as the various spells were all hardcoded and never meant to be changed in its original version!

I've also added more music and gone through the sprites with a fine comb - there's enough space to add another enemy/spell, and I would love feedback on what would be a cool addition to the game!

Missing things and known bugs:

  • win screen, intro screen and in-game tutorial
  • AI - still random
  • units with haste sometimes jumps back while moving (display bug)
  • non-unit spells sometimes appear to hit things a bit far away (bug, but might leave it like this - it's a hassle to get right)

Things added in v2:

  • multiple maps and crystal tower configs (and countdown on the crystal towers)
  • hard mode (and super hard mode) options (press enter before your first battle to try them out!)
  • non-unit spells
  • spell upgrade functionality
  • units are now using their wizard's colours
  • friendly fire for non-unit spells (beware…)
  • a new html wrapper as chrome won't let you autoplay sounds anymore

Feedback Fortnight: I am in! 0

Laguna • 5 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2018 entry  Grantchester Meadows

Hey there,

I am really looking forward to this Alakajam Feedback Fortnight event! Unfortnunately I missed the first FF event, but this time I submitted an entry! For LD41 DevilLime, xXBloodyOrange and I worked on a mashup between a Tower Defense and a Clicker game: Grantchester Meadows which is now awaiting your feedback!

I am also looking forward to play your entries. I will try and give detailed feedback.

Feedback Fortnight - The Greater Good 0

watdowtal • 5 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2018 

I participated in Ludum Dare 43 recently, and came up with this mess:

Feedback Fortnight 2018! 0

Raindrinker • 5 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2018 

Dec. 14 update: The fortnight has now started, but we've left submissions open for any late entries. Have fun reviewing the games!

What is Feedback Fortnight about?

During the next weeks, you are invited to submit any game you worked on. Then, until the end of the month we'll play each other's games and exchange feedback on them. You can make a game specifically for the event, but this is absolutely not mandatory! These weeks are your chance to make people play anything you worked on recently, from a small prototype to an in-progress commercial game, to a previous jam entry that didn't get the attention you needed.

If you don't even have a game but you have some game art, or a mockup, or something you want to get feedback on, share it too!

Me and some of the other Alakajam people will make sure to give rich feedback on your games and show you around the nice Alakajam community :) @Wan and me specifically will make sure to review each one of the games throroughly.

How does it work?

After you've created your account, feel free to introduce yourself and/or your game using a blog post.

From 7th to 14th of December you'll be able to submit an entry, and from 7th to the end of the month everyone will play and comment other people's games! As you leave comments, you'll boost your karma and get featured higher in the games listing. You can read more details on the event "rules" on the Help page.

To stay in touch with the community, follow @AlakajamBang on Twitter and join us on the Chat!

About this site

Alakajam! is a gamedev community created by Ludum Dare veterans, the project being initiated by the great @wan. We host three 48h game jams a year amongst many other gamedev related events and have an active website, IRC chat and Discord chat (see right of this page ->)

Take a comfortable seat, play some games, come to the chat places, and have fun!

Feedback Fortnight is back! 0

Wan • 5 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2018 

For december, we are reviving the Feedback Fortnight concept that was introduced last year as the launch event of Alakajam.

More details to be announced soon…