Quantic cat

This is Quantic cat, a jam game that I feel has a lot of potential but I ended up having very few levels and not exploring som other mechanics I have in my head, mostly cause the code for pushing is a goddamn mess.

I probably want to make a full version out of it and some feedback and pointers would help a lot, especially in:

General game design: Do you think the format of the game and its mechanics are appealing? Would you play some of those puzzles in your phone / in PC?

Game structure: What would you expect from a game like this (probably PC + mobile) in terms of size and structure? Probably a level editor? Shouldn't be too hard to make.

Character design: I ripped off Mae from Night in the Woods, and people noticed, even with the palette swap. How can I give such a smol cat some personality?

Aesthetics: I really like how the look turned out, but maybe for a more complete release I should make sprites bigger and with a bit more detail and resolution. Whactha think?

Thanks for playing and have a nice Feedback Fortnight!

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2 days ago

Wow that final level was brilliant, I turned it in my head for minutes being convinced it was impossible before having my eureka moment. Satisfying!

The theme works perfectly with the twist mechanic, so I found the overall concept quite clever. The choice of using cardboard boxes was cute, and that observation camera thing was a clever trick, using the Schrödinger metaphor again to make the "reset" mechanic intuitive (…including its corner cases, like again in the final level).

On one hand the art was very effective at explaining the mechanics, on the other hand I found the overall aesthetics to be quite basic (especially in the environments): I think the art has overall less character than other work I've seen from you. I do love watching the cat entering the box though! I also see potential in exploring further the theme of "a cat making a mess in a first-half-of-the-century lab".

To go back to the gameplay, in the end this game is a Sokoban variant so there no reason this could not be extended into a bigger game like Sokobond was. The question being whether the Quantic Cat concept still hides enough nuggets of brillance to make it more closer to Sokobond than plain Sokoban (which I don't like much) in terms of excitement.

The concept would definitely fit the mobile format too. Cats sell, casual puzzle games sell, so why not explore this route :D It would mean probably a smoother difficulty curve with more filler-ish contents.

Overall I feel the potential is there, but if you want to target he market of "puzzle lovers in need for something fresh", the first thing to do would be exploring the gameplay possibilities more!

2 days ago

@Wan I fought the other day to try and make a cleaner, easier to expand, and not in GMS (for Andorid purposes) version for the code and its crazy. Especially when you want to have "turns" that last more (imagine putting a box inside a teleporter, so it needs another animation) and you also wanna have an undo button. Might be a bit out of my league for now, but I might keep trying every now and then.

As far as mechanics goes, I had so much more ideas for the entanglement thing, and then you could also justify other sciency stuff like messign with time and whatever, I'm sure there could be enough varied levels. Add a very lite story with a scientist becomign mad and experimenting with his cat and you got yourself a proper Android game, I think.

The art is a bit jammy but it does have more colors and detail than most of my other stuff, so I'm surprised you like it less. Maybe it's less polarized and impactful and looks like "normal" pixel art stuff, yeah.

The second level was a sad thing. The solution you used is not the intended one. I was trying to make it unbeatable unless you do somethign really mechanically beautiful thats a more complex version of the last level. Didnt manage to block all other possibilities correctly, so it feels really meh when you beat it.

The main inspiration was indeed the steam games in the sokobond family, especially stephen sausage rool and pipe paradise.

Thanks a lot for feedback! Always insightful.

2 days ago

Oh I did forget about the undo mechanic, indeed it would be necessary for a commercial version! Also messing with time & teleportation would be interesting, you got me hyped for more now :D

2 days ago

This is really nice. Music and graphics are tight. The visual effect for splitting is really cool. The last level is definitely really well designed and makes me want to see more levels. That's the number one thing missing for me: more to play. This is definitely the type of game that I could spend an afternoon occasionally going through level after level.

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