Falling Apples

This game was made in 48 hours and is a submission to the Alakajam. The theme was "Falling". Collect as many apples as possible before they fall to the ground. Controls: A D / < >

Unity 2018 / Visual Code
Gimp 2.10

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


Collect as many apples as possible before they fall to the ground.


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Comments (18)

7 months ago

Cute little game. It gets a bit boring after the first ~20 apples though.

Btw. you could add highscores on your game page here on alakajam.

7 months ago

Loved the graphics! It's simple, but calming, nice to look at it.
The basket is a bit too sensitive for me, but managed to do 52!

7 months ago

Superb graphism, and well in the theme.

I agree with a previous comment: a bit simple after the 20 first apples ;)

7 months ago

I collected 97 apples! Really liked how the apple-collecting sound added to the music when it happened at certain times. Gameplay is simple enough but it makes the game get a little self-repetitive and easy after a while. The combination of calming graphics & audio give the game nice relaxing mood.

7 months ago

Hey! Thank you guys for your nice words @bradur, @psevrain, @MatchaMaze and @smbe19. Yeah I have to admit the game is quite boring. And there is no end… Unfortunately, I did not have much time last weekend but I wanted to have a finished game. I had a lot of fun to create my own brushes to paint that tree and apples. The music was created in the last hour before the end and is repetitive but the idea of the collecting sound was to fit in the tone sequence =)

7 months ago

120 apples. I liked the graphics of the game. It looked really nice and was very fitting. The music was also good, but a bit repetitve after 120 apples. Still a good game. Maybe you could have added an increasing difficulty or something other dynamic but all in all good game :)

7 months ago

Really liked the game. But the main problem was the basket didn't felt that smooth so it was a bit difficult than it was in real. If possible get that thing right as fast as possible.

7 months ago

Same critiques as above, so I won't repeat o: But I will say that your art style is splended! I would love to play a game with more of that art style :)

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • 7 months ago

As an illustrator myself, I really appreciate the tree you made! I didnt hear any sounds or music on the web version. I see other people talked about music, is there something wrong with the web version?

7 months ago

@SnowFox thank you, I will consider using this art style in the next Jam ;)

@Nanukk Luik thank you very much. The inspiration for the tree trunk comes from copperplate engravings. Mh, yes, there is music and the web version works. Maybe it depends on the browser you use.

7 months ago

Cool entry you got here. The art is really nice. I like it. Plus the music is fitting. Thanks for sharing your game!

7 months ago

I don't know why I can't play the game, it's black, I only see my life : https://imgur.com/IuVbLwu

7 months ago

@Zulhuky I'm sorry to heat and see that. Mh maybe try a different browser. Otherwise I don't know.

7 months ago

Peaceful and fun. I feel that the music loop was a little short to feel peaceful as I kept picking up on the loop. I like the art style with the pencil shading. Good job!

7 months ago

Splendid visuals, I really dig the style.

Audio less splendid, but the idea is there. A longer loop and less, let's say, derpy instruments would go a long way.

The challenge is overly simple and random too. At times the apples spawn at totally opposite ends of the tree, nothing to be done there. A few quick changes would improve the experience considerably:

  • Smooth basket movement. Lerp, lerp, lerp!
  • Apples have an animation, for instance growing, before falling. Allows the player to react faster or even plan ahead if there are multiple apples about to fall at the same time.
  • Spawning apples in waves and different patters. Makes no sense, but would be quite applealing. Could be synced to the music too!

Good work for a few hours worth. The final layer of polish is missing, a victim of circumstance.

7 months ago

The art here is very pretty and I love it. Unfortunately I'm also having an issue hearing anything in mozilla. I'll try again later in another browser though.

The gameplay is straightforward, but it's still enjoyable. Although a few times I noticed that apples occasionally spawned above the tree, which was confusing.

7 months ago

@Talia It works on Edge! Cute game, the basket feels too quick, I would love some acceleration. Nice graphics

7 months ago

What lovely art. It's nice to see such a simple idea so well presented.

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