I fell into a dungeon D:

You accidently fell into a dungeon and now have to fight against a ton of enemies to get out.

Oh no you fell into a dungeon and now can't get out!

Can you defeat the mighty boss of this procedally generated dungeon?

This game is still in development, but we wanted to start in a jam.


W A S D -> Movement

E - > Attack

Good Luck surviving this horror

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 • 5 years ago • 

Pretty cool game. I liked the random aspect of the dungeons and the boss was well made. Just wish there was a little bit more content. I also found a bug where you can escape the level through a wall if it's only one tile thick.

 • 5 years ago • 

Nice game! I managed to beat the boss. The aiming of the sword was a little hard but once I started standing still and wait the enemies were easy to kill. Cool procedural generation!

Enjoyable sfx & music, did you make them yourself?

  • 5 years ago • 

@Baconinvader Thank you for your feedback :) There will be more content soon (we are still working on the game if you are interested). We just underestimated the time we would need for this content :'D And thank you @bradur for your feedback :) Yes the sfx and music were all selfmade

 • 5 years ago • 

"ehhh" was my first reaction, i tend to just go in the game blindly without reading descriptions generally, so i was quite lost when i dodged by way to the boss and stood around like a dickhead, than i closed and opened this page again. 'E' to attack :o I had no hint at that at all. I've tried F, Space, Clicking, Right Clicking, NUM ENTER (ye wtf right). Than I booted the game back up, walked to a random wall while dodging the tiny red shitthings and BAM im the deep dark blackness, good thing it was quite easy to figure out why :p than i got to the boss, his attack pattern is nice and the vortex he leaves is cool. Overall i like the graphics, but there is something with the floor tile, which when moving makes me….. uneasy…. I'll chuck it as intentional since its a dungeon crawler. If you get around to updating it more send me a @mention so i get a notification it's a really good entry! (except for the above, im always critical, but thats how we improve eh? :D)

 • 5 years ago • 

I think the range of the sword is a little bit too short, and it's sad I can not attack on top and at the bottom of me. The boss is weel-designed, with two good attacks, but it's a bit sad that there's only one.
There's good feedbacks when you kill ennemies.
Your procedural generation is good, but I miss the number of portal I've passed: We need to have a score or a highscore to create a will to replay your game, because it's a rogue-like, and rogue-like means replayability.
I feel like the theme isn't really used, but honestly I don't really care.
You have a good little software to start with, add more content and mechanics, upgrade the graphics and add variation to your music and it will be a great game.

  • 5 years ago • 

Thank you @Wrexialmt and @KuBic_ for your great feedback. I also thought that there was a lack of tutorial because "E" is not that intuitive, but I had no time adding it. I'm glad you liked it and I'll mention you if there will be updates.
Also while it was rogue-like inspired I also think it is too repetetive and actually we didn't thin about a highscore. Our idea vere several different floors ( like in The Binding Of Isaac ), but we didn't make it that far and congrats on beating the boss both of you :)

 • 5 years ago • 

Any thing I had to critique has already been said. Though, just as a heads up, you might want to edit your itch.io description that E is attack. I started the game and fumbled to find an attack button. When I looked in the description there was no attack button listed, so I thought it was one of those games where you run into enemies to attack them. I had to go back to the Alakajam page to find out that it was E.

But other than that, I love the art work in this game, especially the giant spike slime. I sincerely hope you continue to work on this one!

 • 5 years ago • 

This is a neat game. To be critical though, might want to make your UI a tad bit smaller, and make your enemies bigger and easier to hit - other than that I really like the music and the gameplay itself. The slimes exploding into slime balls is a really nice touch that i can't get enough of..:)

  • 5 years ago • 

Thank you for your great feedback @SnowFox and @Orionintheforest. I forgot the attack button on the page -> changed that thanks :) We will continue to work on the game and I am glad both of you enjoyed our game. The UI will get an update in the near future and we'll also make the sword bigger.

 • 5 years ago • 

Hey! Fun game, always nice with some retroastethics. I think the small monsters need to be faster. I just ran around them. But very nice boss, he was hard to beat! :D

  • 5 years ago • 

Thank you for your feedback @jlindskov the monsters were supposed to be starter monsters :'D and during the boss it's harder to dodge them :D

 • 5 years ago • 

This game was really fun, I liked it a lot.

one thing though, is that the only resemblance to the theme is the name.

also there weren't many enemies, but I know that was due to time constraints.

Anyway, this was fun, good job!

 • 5 years ago • 

I'm not qualified to critique this genre, so I won't comment on the game's design and focus on the aesthetics and gamefeel. I also suck at this genre, so I wasn't able to get to the boss (not sure how to, either)

The wall and floor graphics were a bit hard on the eyes. A bit more constrast between the walls and floor, and cleaner tileart would have been easier to work with.

The animation of the enemies being knocked back is nonexistant, which makes working out what's happening difficult. I understand that you might not have time to draw out a preset animation but lerping their position instead of popping them back would help a lot. Timing the sword is difficult as well, because of the incredibly short range and short attack animation.

It was often difficult to tell whether enemies were being killed or just damaged. This is in part due to the lack of knockback animation, but also because the "kill" particle effect and the "damage" particle effect aren't distinguished. Having no effect on non-kill damage would have worked better imo.

Music was great. I can't really judge the rest.

  • 5 years ago • 

@Sammy6 thank you for your feedback and also thank you very much @amras0000 you listed a few points which i even didn't notice. ^^ Thank you for that detailed feedback. I'll try to improve the game in the ways you mentioned. We are already working on the sword and I guess I have to distinguish the floor a bit more from the wall.

 • 5 years ago • 

Music and (player) sprites are good.Player design was infact very nice,  simple and nice at same time. After playing game two - three
times I tried running from enemies but at last was cornered in a room, the very instance reminds me of some scary-stuck-in-alien-ship scene.
The pass through wall appears to be gate for your expended game.
And I also killed the boss  :D            .

  • 5 years ago • 

Thank you for your great feedback @ajargrey :)

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