You are a depresive person who want to end his life but once you jumped from a building, you realize that you want to live, you decide to survive by destroying the ground to avoid the crash. How far will you go ?

I removed the game over in case of life loose because it was really too hard.

Made by unity for Alakajam 4
My first game jam (and also first game) so please be compassionate

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A shooter game


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Comments (13)

a year ago

(Link to itch.io is broken)

a year ago

I would like to play it but the link is broken, uhh… Might want to fix that.

a year ago

Shame its still broken. :(

a year ago

Sorry, i just realized the link was broken, beginner error :-) (i put as draft)
It should be fine now

a year ago

Wow that was certainly something, such a riveting story! In all seriousness though this is a pretty good game. The challenge felt fair and blasting through stuff was pretty fun. It's a shame you removed death from the game since it certainly wasn't that hard to beat with hearts still remaining.

a year ago

a very slowfall to immortality!

Overall pretty good, would greatly appreciate a quicker experience.

All in all pretty fun :)

a year ago

Okay, now it's fixed. Yay :)
Alright. First of all that intro scene was amazing.
Second of all ~ those expolsions effects I really take a liking too for some reason.
What I would recommend is that make it so a left click would fire the left gun and right click for the right gun and whenever you swiched over to the other side the opposing side would stay at the same position as you left it. I right clicked alot thinking that was the case haha ~ overall great game!

a year ago

Very fun gameplay, great final boss! If it wasn't for my inability to die when my hearts were depleted, I probably wouldn't have slept tonight.

The premise is original and poignant. I missed the opening sequence. I only saw
this. Is that what you intended?

The beginning in "Rocks" feels like Asteroid. The bats reminded me of an old Neopets space-shooter type game with a lot of weapon upgrades. The boss reminded me of fighting Isaac in the Cathedral on The Binding of Isaac (one of my all-time favorite games). Thoroughly enjoyable and please make more bullet hells.

Nanukk Luik
(@NanukkLuik) • a year ago

Woaw that was an excellent gamejam game. Even had a cutscene man! I also did my first game jam this jam. High five for creating something awesome.

A lot to the game could be added but in the short time you had it and the fact it was your first time really shows you have potential to create awesome stuff. Looking forward to your next game session!

Also - immortal dude is immortal :3

a year ago

Really good concept. Try to go for a post jam version where you add more mechanics. Awesome and fabulous game

a year ago

A cool entry ! At the beginning I was like "meh that's easy" but the last boss really was interesting, it has a lot of patterns and reminds of Isaacs games, for 48h it really is cool. The "handmade" graphics are pretty okay too. The idea is cool and the story is funny.

Overall it is a really good job !

a year ago

Nice game, well done.

a year ago

This game is great. It definitely starts too slow right at the beginning but later on it's much better tuned. It's really cool there was a cutscene, I like that there were more mechanics and difficulty the further you fell. It's awesome there was a a boss fight and the boss fight seemed really good. Really nice game for a 48h jam well done!

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