Game made from scratch under 12 hours. Inspired by games like Journey, Darkwood and The blind hunter

Controls explained in game.
In case of getting stuck, not knowing how to play, here is the walkthrough:

If you have a spare minute or two please check out game that my team is releasing soon on STEAM. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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 • 3 years ago • 

I liked your take on Dark Echo, the morse code really sold it for me. Nice job

 • 3 years ago • 

Really cool and effective. The morse code is great. The enemies sometimes you rely too much on them not being where you need to be, but you can always wait.

I don't know why you opted out of audio, the audio is integral to your game and it's actually quite nice and works well.

This concept can be expanded so well, I do think thought that there are similar concepts already out there.

Great work! :)

  • 3 years ago • 

@squirtzMD Thanks, glad you liked it!

@Raindrinker Thank you for detailed feedback! I opted out audio since i didn't make it. Right click sounds are from Journey, Gate opening is from Legend of Grimrock etc. But yeah i agree that audio is actually very important in this game. And thank you again for feedback!

 • 3 years ago • 

Simple but interesting, both visually and from a gameplay perspective. I find that the enemies can be a little unfair due to the nature of the game, since you don't have a perfect knowledge of where they are, but that is just my opinion.

Also on linux the sound doesn't see to work, I didn't think there was any since you opted out from audio until I read the comments. Just a heads up. Whoopsie, it was a mixer problem on my end, nevermind.

 • 3 years ago • 

A nice implementation of the "see with sound" mechanic, the use of morse code being a pretty original idea. It took me a while to understand how braille worked + how to use the right click correctly, but once I passed the first door it was pretty fun!

Good luck with the launch of your game! If I had quick feedback to make about your Steam trailer, it would be that while the game really seems fun, it's not clear from the footage what the player's trying to do with that tentacle. Games like Surgeon Sim / Goat Sim / Octodad are not new anymore, so I feel quirky physics is no longer enough to sell. A fix I could see work would be to replace the intercut text ("Multitasking Hell" / "Wobbly Tentacle Physics", the footage make those aspects clear :D) with fun text on what Chtulhu can actually do/try to do in the game.

 • 3 years ago • 

I'm sorry. I couldn't really understand how to play it…
I got to the part where I could click with the mouse to send a beam of light and try to see the surroundings. But then I started walking away aimlessly and hit a brown "limbo" of the game.

 • 3 years ago • 

Cool concept, but i felt very lost untill I read some comments. The idea of using only sound as a way of viewing the world is a really nice concept. The sound ended up being really repetitive

  • 3 years ago • 

Thanks for the feedback and testing Linux version! About the enemies, sometimes you have to wait for them to move out of the way so you can sneak past them. Without sound it must have been much harder to know where they are.

Thank you, glad you liked the game! And Thank you very much for checking out Godly Corp! Yeah making a good trailer isn't easy, we had few versions, and in one of them the text was more focused on performed tasks etc. But many people suggested to replace it with 'catchy stuff' and 'game seller' text that helps player determine what kind of game is this. We surely will make more trailers and we will try to somehow compromise catchy text with some explanation what are you doing. Again thank you very much for taking your time and checking out our game!

@Anonymous person
Sorry to hear that. Here is the walkthrought that might help you complete / see the rest of the game

Thanks for feedback, glad you liked the concept. At first game might feel a bit unclear (because of 'unconventional' gameplay and the lack of proper tutorial) but good to hear that you managed to overcome the difficulties.

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko) • 3 years ago • 

Very neat! The introduction of new mechanics was quite smooth but overall it was kinda short, could have used the mechanics in more ways. Now it pretty much just felt like a tutorial and even quite on the easy side even as that.

The guardian bit was made quite easy by the fact that you could walk without making any sounds by quickly tapping on the keys. Of course that didn't help in the door opening part but that was just a waiting mans game.

The morse doors were cool. It correct solution was the first thing that came to my mind but I somehow managed to input it incorrectly twice and almost lost hope on my solution. Dunno how you implemented the sound "memory" and did you have to stand still while doing it? I have no idea how I could have input it wrong twice…

Good job! Especially so considering you only used 12 hours on it. Could have been fantastic if you had the time to do some more polish and content.

 • 3 years ago • 

A little bit of a learning curve but the game was more rewarding for it. It achieved a level of immersion with headphones on and when the bad guys stated to chase and I couldn't tell where to run, it was a panicky moment.

Well done, especially for only 12 hrs. Work.

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