Munch Uprising

In Munch Uprising, your ultimate quest is to reach-and munch- the donuts. To do this, you'll have to shift into a second, more colorful world- but be careful! You can only stay in that world for so long before having to return to the grayscale world.

Besides its take on platforming, Munch Uprising features a soundtrack that plays a unique version of the same song depending on if you're in the grayscale or technicolor world.

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9 months ago

Nice idea but i could'nt pass the second level, i'll try harder next time !

9 months ago

Finished it! Really nice. Lovely pixel art, fantastic sound effects and soothing music. Great job!

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • 9 months ago

Very lovely little game!

Too bad it's too short. I'd like to play more!

9 months ago

Nice platformer with lovely music and good graphics. The platformer mechanics felt a bit fiddly though :/
The puzzles weren't very difficult, but they convey the idea well enough. I wish you had one or two really puzzly levels, but I get that you only had so much time :)
Why does this game take so long to load? :D

9 months ago

10/10 on the music! The art was decent too, although I wish there were more levels. The game just really seemed to be lacking in content.
The concept itself was pretty interesting, I almost went with something along those lines for my game, but I ended up with a ninja trying to steal a lollipop. ;D

The one major issue I have with this game aside from the lack of content is that the jumping feels kind of bad for some reason. Maybe add a little bit of height to it to make it feel better. It would also be nice if you could jump maybe 2 to 4 frames after stepping off of a platform. I'm not sure what it's called, but it's in a lot of platformers and it would be really helpful here.

Anyway, the game is stil pretty good. Great job! ^-^

9 months ago

Great job, fun mechanic cute graphics and good and fitting music. what more could I ask for. Just need more levels. Great work

9 months ago

I was surprised by how long the music track was! Also, the level-clear jingle is awesome. A+ audio. The graphics are simple, but consistent and nice. Gameplay is also simple, but still reasonably engaging. It took me longer than I think it should have to figure out that I could wall jump. Overall, excellent amount of polish and props for using Godot!

9 months ago

@M2tias I'm not too sure on the long loadt time, but my guess would be the music as .wav files. Not sure what to do to fix it though!

@DaFluffyPotato I agree with the lacking content part, haha! We were crunched for time in the end and I was unavailable to work on the game for most of the last twelve hours, so the game got stuck with three levels unfortunately. I also agree the platforming mechanics could use a little bit of work. Godot has a built in function for checking if a Kinematic Body (entity controlled by the player) is on the floor, but it doesn't seem to give a lot of leeway with jumping a few frames after falling off a platform.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

9 months ago

Nice graphics, sound and gameplay. Like the change of soundtrack when swap between worlds!
Awesome work! :)

9 months ago

It took me so long to realise how to pass the second level. I had to have my teenage brother do it for me. :D I really liked the concept and the music, and donuts are great always.

9 months ago

For some reason the WebGL version audio has a delay. I've played the Windows version and no problem at all. Great idea and very polished!

9 months ago

The pixel art is pretty, the use of complementary music tracks for each world adds a lot of character, and it has a sick title screen. But I do have some complaints.

  • If you want the player to know they can jump up walls, you should telegraph it somehow, like by having the player visibly slide down walls. I had to check the comments to figure out that's what I was supposed to do. And once you know you can wall jump, you can bypass all of the first level and most of the third level, negating a lot of the challenge.
  • The movement feels unsatisfying, especially since the jump is almost but not quite two tiles high. Acceleration, controllable jump high, coyote time, wall slides/stickiness, stronger gravity, etc. would all help.
  • It's easy to get X and Z mixed up. Binding jump to up-arrow or space could help with this, I think.
  • It seems odd to me that such a small game is a 111 MB download…

9 months ago

Really cool, interesting mechanic and great execution! I asolutely love the music and the art is quite great.

A shame it is so short!

Also, it took the second level to randomly stumble with the swap mechanic, cause its not tutorialised and the first level cna be completed in a not intended way, climbing the wall.

Good work!

9 months ago

The dimension changing gimmick is old hat (this theme seems to fit a lot of stale gimmicks, even more so than usual), but the addition of infinite wall jumps and the ability timer do elevate the usual platforming puzzle to an action platforming challenge even! Aw, it's over after three levels?!

Taken how fast it is to complete each level there should be loads of them. I'd concentrate on running and jumping, quickly switching between dimensions, doing cool flips and slides, trying to beat the highscore. Don't even bother with deductive logic problems, there are quite enough of puzzles like this already.

The music is great (playing in the background as we speak?). Visuals are ok, too few pixels per sprite/tile for my liking. The crushed inside a wall outcome is great!

Good work. The major issue is the lack of content which drags the overall score down with it.

Overall: 6 (Above average)
Graphics: 5 (Average)
Audio: 8 (Great)
Gameplay: 6 (Above average)
Originality: 4 (Below average)
Theme: 4 (Below average)

9 months ago

Fun game with a great concept and nice graphics! A wee bit short, though.

9 months ago

It was pretty awesome, would've liked to play more levels!

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A platformer where you can shift into other worlds.




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