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First, we've been getting a lot of compliments on the soundtrack for the game so I wanted to let you all know it's available for FREE! Stream and download here:

bonus post-jam thoughts
This was my first-ever game jam. Though I've been doing electronic music for six years now, I've never done music for a game before so this was a super neat oportunity. I loved getting to figure out what the world should sound like as the game was being developed. Early art by @NRathbone helped to inform the slighty cartoony, melodic vibe I wanted to convey. I knew very early on that I wanted two different versions of the soundtrack; practically, this played out with one "organic" theme and one "electronic."

The level song came first of the two songs on the final OST, but not first in the process. There are actually four started and abandoned projects in my Alakajam #2 folder. Those four were decent, but ultimately failed because I was trying too hard to create an over-complex arrangement that incorporated both organic and electronic elements. Frustrated, I took a break and watched an episode of Dr. Who with my wife to clear my head.

After talking it out, I realized that a simpler arrangement was the way to go- that way, I could "remix" it into an electronic version. The song came smoothly after that; the "organic" portion was comprised largely of SNES and N64 soundfonts. The sampled sound of soundfonts seemed perfect for our cartoony little game about donuts. After that, the electronic portion was made almost exclusively of Sylenth patches (and 606 drums) to give it an analog, retro feel. The main theme was written next; it was a kind of combination of the two kinds of level theme.

Thanks for listening! I am in love with the worlds that music can create and it was a blast making and sharing with you all!

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