Alchemists Adventure

Most alchemists these days spend their time trying to convert lead to gold or other precious metals. Instead you've found a way to gain gold by plundering the depths of dungeons. Getting to the bottom allows for the best return. Take your bombs and fight the bats to get all the gold!

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Bring back all the gold from the dungeon!





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2 years ago

Hi Timbeaudet,

Nice game! he gameplay mechanics are working well and the sounds give it a nice game feel!
The only thing I would recommend is having the last score and the highscore on the menu screen.

2 years ago

That was my initial intent actually. And I must have misplaced that thought until the last moments of the event. Thanks for trying.

2 years ago

More of a grave robbing scoundrel than a rogue alchemist, but who cares. This plays really well!

The design is easily the most impressive aspect here: dodging enemies, collecting gold, spending gold to throw boms, more aggressive enemy types, it is all good.

The technical side does suffer from a few small issues. For starters movement is floaty, I always ended up dying due to this rather than bad decisions. Could use some tightening up them controls. Once you do die the kick back to main menu is also very sudden, a quick game over text would fix that.

The second enemy type comes up a wee bit late. I didn't use any bombs until the screen was already rather full so their contribution to the challenge wasn't very high. Even the basic bat poses a major threat in large numbers.

The audio visuals are sub standard unfortunately, a moving animation for the main character would have been enough here to get up to standard.

Ok entry on average, but lack of polish does drag down the overall score.

O 5, G 3, A 3, G 8, O 5, T 5

2 years ago

Awesome thanks for the thoughtful comment. The second enemy type actually gets introduced relatively early in the scheme of things. If you can survive 90 seconds, and mind you that may be impossible / extremely difficult since I've not done it - there should be an interesting surprise.

I did only spend about 8 hours on this project, so that would be why some things are a little lacking and I agree death was a little immediate and brings down overall experience. I'll aim to do better on that next time. The movement was also something I was not (am not) happy with. I wanted to add some acceleration to the player, but it feels, like you mentioned, that it often causes unexpected death in a way that is, unfair.

Thanks again!

2 years ago

Hi! We played your game with Danae on this twitch channel, and now the video is available on YouTube. Feel free to check it out :)

Danae plays: Alchemist's Adventure

2 years ago

Hope you enjoyed making this! I find the game a little lacking in content, but that is to be expected with a game jam. If there was no title screen, I'd question whether or not this had anything to do with alchemy. The movement of the bats was good, and good notification when difficulty was increasing. Would have liked more mechanics, like literally progressing through a dungeon or gaining more abilities than to simply move. I read there was bombs in the description? I don't think I knew to use these.

2 years ago

Well done on getting your game done with even less time than the rest of us. All the main parts are there. Also, I really like your explosion animation.

2 years ago

Simple game, go in go out bing bang
I think you did strayed away from the theme a little bit, apart from the start screen.
Did you had music to go with it or the audio is between the bombs and the coins? Maybe I missed something there.
It was a fast paced well executed game.

Hope you had a great jam

2 years ago

Nice game! I included it in my Alakajam #1 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

2 years ago

Very nice thanks @Jupiter_Hadley!! You're awesome.

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