Colour Factory

Colour Factory is a puzzle game much like Pipe Dream, only with colours. You connect pipes to certain processors that can mix or distil the colour into secondary or primary colours. You have been given some input colour(s) and the wanted output colours have been decided. Now it's up to you to create them!

There is also a timed challenge specifically made for the ScoreSpace x Alakajam tournament: who can create the right factory fastest? The timer ends when you hit the factory button. Good luck!

I added mouse support in the last hour or so, do let me know if there's any bugs!

Apart from that, use arrows and X* to place pipes, and Z* to focus on the factory button (and then X to confirm you want to start it!).

(* PICO-8 buttons are configurable but defaults are X/V/M and Z/C/N)

Some animated gameplay!

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Mills !
(@Mills_Himself)  • 1 month ago  • 


A bit confusing at first, but when you understand the controls it become a pretty correct game. It's far from perfect, but I liked it.

 • 1 month ago  • 

Controls were a bit confusing, well, not really as it is explained, what was confusing is me trying to select a different pipes, until I realized you have to place them as they come.
Got stuck on the level with Green and Pink, no clue what to do there.
Overall a really nice concept and nice mechanics and graphics.

 • 1 month ago  • 

That's a cute little puzzle game!
Fits the theme just right, and the pixelated look is great!
I also didn't understand from the start that you need to place pipes as they come (but doing so adds to the puzzle part of the game, which is great!)

 • 1 month ago  • 

Really fun game. I didn't have any trouble understanding the controls, and the levels were pretty creative =P

 • 1 month ago  • 

Wow damn this was pretty nice, good graphics and levels. Pretty good game overall :D Why is no one playing this more

 • 1 month ago  • 

Super cute game! It's a little frustrating when you know the answer but you misclick or place a pipe one pipe in the wrong place. Would be nice to have a holding area maybe.

 • 1 month ago  • 

God, couldn't even get a highscore. Very well made, just wish I was better at puzzle games. Not sure if it was mentioned but a reset button or a undo button would be helpful since I did make a lot of mistakes and the only way to restart i was aware of was to just fail the puzzle.

 • 1 month ago  • 

I like this, but I wish there was some way for the splitter pipes to indicate which side each color comes out. For example, when splitting a green pipe, I expected yellow to come out the top and blue to come out the bottom, but it was the opposite. It can be a bit frustrating to find that out when you had otherwise connected the pipes correctly, since you have no way of knowing it'll come out that way.

   • 1 month ago  • 

thanks for feedback!

@birdwards - agree that it is annoying. I couldn't think of a sensible way to do it, apart from hardcoding all the possible combinations.

@CFusion and @treslapin - agree that undo or being able to pick up placed pipes would be great. Just didn't have time. There is a reset button in the menu, by the way (press enter for menu).

Also agree that it's not clear that you have to place the pipes as they come. With the added mouse controls, it would be more intuitive to be able to select a pipe. Did you all play with mouse or keys?

 • 1 month ago  • 

@dollarone: I mainly used the mouse to place pipes and it felt natural. Didn't really use the keyboard controls as I would need to manually move across the board. Nothing wrong with them, just mouse controls were what i used more.

 • 1 month ago  • 

The controls were difficult to handle. Making the cursor looking like next tile ( with a blink so you can see its a cursor ) would help to undestand what to do.
Infact maybe just using Z for placing and X for testing without having to swap mode would be easier to understand.

   • 1 month ago  • 

Good idea. If I had added mouse support earlier maybe I would have gone for a more … ahem … intuitive UI/UX :p

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You're in charge of the colour factory! Mix and distil your way to the required colours!


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