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Laguna • 5 years ago on 1st Alakajam! entry  Alchemy Guy

Hi there,

At first I want to shout out a big thank you to the organizers for setting up this site. It feels great and I hope it will be a great place for guture jams!

Due to personal time constraints, we worked on the game throughout saturday. We started at around 12:00 and finished at 22:00, when I had to go for the next gamejam, the one hour game jam. So we worked roughly 10 hours on the game, which is quite short.

Normally we do 2d programmer's art or pixelart games (if you are interested, check out our website. This time, we tried a 3d game using unity. It worked out quite nicely and we are pretty happy with the result. The big drawback is, that there is not that much gameplay, which is mostly to our time constraints. Nevertheless, working in 3d was a completely different kind of monster, which was really enjoyable. @Thunraz created all the models, while I worked in the engine and got the gameplay, LevelDesign and sounds (thx to up and running. That worked out quite well as merging scenes in unity seems not feasible at all.

You can play Alchemy Guy on windows or webGL. => click to play and rate

We are in 1

Laguna • 5 years ago on 1st Alakajam! 

Hi there,

We are in! As a two people indie gamedev team, we took part in LD regularly since August 2013. This time we will be going for unity and something 3d, probably a shooter.

You can view our portfolio at

Good luck to everyone and see you on the other side!