Minecarts! 0

Wan 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry Rockslide

Pheeew huge relief for me: after trying a first approach at implementing a minecart system and seeing the physics completely fail, I finally managed to put something together. Now on to actual gameplay…

Making a ragdoll penguin game 1

Glitch 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam!

First alakajam, not sure what this will turn into but currently working on an active physical ragdoll penguin style game. Hoping to get a sort of gangbeasts style controller together in the next 24 hours but who knows if thatll work out!

Ill post back with a gif later

Whale whale whale 1

TimTips 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry Whale whale whale, ...

It's swimming!

Progress with my puzzle game 0

Mr. Chocolate Salmon 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry I.C (Depth Puzzle)

Gotten the first few levels done, so tomorrow I might get another couple done, and then do some graphic and musical polish. Puzzle gameplay mechanics all work, so I'm pretty pleased.

taking tiny steps 0

Dungeon generation 0

bradur 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry Zarguuf's Cellar

So me and @Juutis decided to take a stab at some procedural stuff this jam. We are trying to create a sort of a roguelite. Here's the dungeon generator at its current form:

As you can see it takes a couple of tries to find a suitable configuration of rooms (I've set it to require at least 3 rooms for now so that there is an end and a start). I'm also removing dead ends because they do not good gameplay make.

Some weird stuff 0

TimTips 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry Whale whale whale, ...

Alright, so I am doing this. I just worked an hour on a quick prototype before I went to bed. This is morning one and the first real day of working on it.
I started off with a tile-mining "get as deep as you can" "idea". I actually did a quick prototype (I like to do these things as "evolving design") and will not use any of it.

Instead I am now actually trying to pull something off in the genre of "Gamified Fakeucation" (that I may very well just have made up) and will be a weird and hopefully entertaining piece about the life and reproduction of whales.

I will use Illustrator, Spine for animations, Unity as engine and Reaper for recording.
I wish you all a lot of fun!

Edit: it's spelled whale not wale. There you go fakeucation!
Edit2: Here's the whale

End of Day 1 0

DaFluffyPotato 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry Aeroblaster

I'm quite a bit ahead of schedule at the moment.

I've made
and he has

Depth Parkour! 0

dyguests 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam! entry Depth Parkour

Finally,I made it!(?)

hope next time can be better.

view game

Dinner and Design 0

Kerri 5 months ago on 8th Alakajam!

With the help of my incredible partner I was able to rubber duck a number of ideas in a short amount of time and finally settled on what I think promises to be a cute little story with some theme-adjacent ideas behind it. My goal with this is to learn how to create an interesting method of narrative story telling that's intuitive, fun, and more than just a series of dialogue boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Between the tea-fueled idea phase and the planning phase we sat down for a hearty dev-fuel dinner of pie and chips with yet more tea as seen below.

Really looking forward to putting this together and I hope I can do the idea some form of justice, my drawing skills are incredibly rusty and I'm going to be relying on them far too heavily for this project.