The tournament is finished!

Next is the 14th Kajam! January 5th, 8:00pm UTC

The tournament is now over! 0

laaph • 4 months ago 

All good things must come to an end, and tonight the 11th Alakajam Tournament is finished! Congratulations to Juutis for getting the most high scores!

If you want your game considered for the next tournament, please check the box indicating such when you submit a game to an Alakajam event!

Coming next on 5 January 2024 will be the 14th Kajam! So enjoy the winter break and we will back in the new year!

We are starting the tournament! 1

laaph • 5 months ago 

Your poor tournament is stressed and has lots going on, but I played lots of games looking for the most fun games for this tournament! These games may have flaws but at least they are fun. We've only got three but I could only dedicate so much time to finding them. I apologize to those that when I tried to play your game it promptly crashed, because I know it worked on your computer.

In any case, we are off! Go get that high score! Don't let the higher scores intimidate you!

11th Alakajam Tournament starts soon! 0

laaph • 5 months ago 

If all goes well then in about 3 days, maybe some extra because AKJ admins are slow, but we will start the tournament soon! What happens in a tournament is that we look through Alakajam submissions, and other games that you specifically request of us, put them up on display, and compete for high scores!

How does it work? If you just want the high scores, then play the games, take screenshots of your high scores, and submit them.

If you want your game played, it must have some sort of score, with no max score, and come to the discord and ask Laaph or Laguna to feature your game. You might want to do this quick.

There is also a button in the Alakajam submission process for games submitted to jams to automatically considered for inclusion in the tournament. We will be looking through these games. We expect to feature 4 games for the tournament, but in the past there have been more or less.

We will be playing games together soon!