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laaph • 5 months ago on 11th Alakajam Tournament 

Your poor tournament is stressed and has lots going on, but I played lots of games looking for the most fun games for this tournament! These games may have flaws but at least they are fun. We've only got three but I could only dedicate so much time to finding them. I apologize to those that when I tried to play your game it promptly crashed, because I know it worked on your computer.

In any case, we are off! Go get that high score! Don't let the higher scores intimidate you!

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 • 4 months ago • 

Thanks so much for picking 'visje'! ❤️ As I'm not much on Discord, I only noticed when I saw a larger number than normal play it over on itch.io -- and all references coming from Alakajam 😁

(I hope it works as a tourney game, because the collission detection is wonkey to begin with, and gets quite screwy when the speed is high…)

I'm also working on a game partially inspred by 'visje' (and one of my other games) on the Panic! Playdate. (See here if interested in that https://devforum.play.date/t/dolphin-splash-devlog/13169 … I should really update that devlog this weekend.)

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