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Jooseem • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  The River Nahuapil

I'm proud to say we uploaded it on time (kind of) .
It was a team effort and wow those were some very intense 48 hours.
The game is far from ready, but we handcrafted the pixel art, the story and the background music. Given that, I think the result is very good.

Enjoy playing! There's no tutorial level, so look out for an explanation in the description.

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ScriptLine • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Sourze

Just submitted! Currently drinking a celebratory cup of tea. This was a fun jam with very little stress (mostly on account of submitting early)

Here is a quick breakdown of how I spent my time (detailed statistics curtosy of wakatime):

  • Day 1: 09:00pm - 00:00am (09:00pm was the start of the jam for GMT+2)
  • Day 2: 10:00am - 01:00pm; 02:00pm - 03:30pm; 05:00pm - 06:00pm; 10:00pm - 00:00pm
  • Day 3: 10:00am - 03:00pm

All in all that comes out to roughly 13 hours of development. It's time for some much needed rest!

Wishing everyone best of luck with their submissions!


6 Hours in 1

IAmAPancake • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Wave Warrior

Here's my progress after 6 hours of development on this game.

Game Jam Progress

i really hope that embeds properly
It's kinda ugly, but maybe I'll improve it later. Currently, the main game loop works fine, and is decently fun. I still need to implement

  1. Music
  2. A title screen
  3. Bugfixes

Anyway, the community has been really nice, and I'm really enjoying participating.

More progress (7 hours) 1

ScriptLine • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Sourze

Still here, day 2 0

Jooseem • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  The River Nahuapil

Last day ended at 03:40.. Tons of placeholder sprites to test the basic mechanics

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Cuddl3s • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  River Survivors

Forgot to post, but I'm in and this is the state as of last night/this morning :)
I'm using pico-8 to code my game as a solo dev

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ScriptLine • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Sourze

3 hours in. Make an (okay) start but oh boy tomorrow is gonna be a grind

It's a start... 2

maartene • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  Simsa River Hydropower

Can you prevent the hydro plant from breaking and keep the villagers safe?

Wanna try it yourself?
ssh -p 2222
Note: at this time, no commands other than create_user, login and close work.

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Jooseem • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  The River Nahuapil

We are a team of three from Stuttgart, Germany! One dev, a game designer and a game artist. Let's do this!

OK so yeah I'm in of course :) 0

thomastc • 9 months ago on 17th Alakajam! entry  River Rapids

Going to use Godot 4, I see RC5 just dropped! Let's see how many bugs are still left :)

Fortunately River was one of the few themes where I had a more or less concrete idea. Let's see where it takes me.

Have fun y'all!