DaFluffyPotato • on 3rd Alakajam!

I'm also confused as to why it says top 25% if there's more than 25% of the themes left…

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13 days ago

I love the "From Nothing" theme!

Also the percentages can be confusing indeed, it's due to the fact that some of the active themes have lower scores than Absorption, but aren't out yet because they haven't reached the 30 votes threshold yet. In other words, the 25% is more an estimate of how the theme will be ranked at the end of the week.

13 days ago

I still have my 2 themes!

And thanks for the explanation @Wan, I never understood why would you be able to post new themes after some of the current ones are eliminated

13 days ago

@wan could you change it to "(number) Active", "(number) New", "(number) Out" or something so that people can see how many of the themes are below the threshold?

13 days ago

Oh yeah, a "New" state would clarify things a lot. Great idea

12 days ago

I hope "From Nothing" makes it if my remaining theme doesn't. Then I can just submit a copy of Notepad++ and say "MAKE YOUR OWN GAME LOLOLOLOLOL"

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