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Got some stuff working 0

NiciusB 1 year ago

I was pretty sure I had learned to reduce my scope in the last 2 jams, but here I am again!
I won't be able to do much tomorrow, so I'm pretty sad but this is what I have so far!

A turn-based fornite where the storm expands instead of shrinking, and it never stops!
I don't even like fortnite but I found the idea hilarious

My dev enviroment 3

NiciusB 1 year ago

I'm a developer and work from home, and this is where the magic happens! It's a bit messy but I had to keep it real to my nature hehe.

I don't really know which technologies I'm going to use, since it's my third jam, but I'll probably end up using Phaser as I have some experience with it. I'd also love to make something with multiplayer features for this jam, but I'm still coming up with ideas about how to do it.

For audio I'll probably try to learn how to use Bfxr and Bosca Ceoil.
I'm also pretty bad at art, so I usually try to avoid it as much as I can. We'll see what happens!

50% of the themes are now out! 3

NiciusB 1 year ago

So far, 2 of my ideas are still active, but people didn't really like Fireworks (Ended in the top 68%)

How are y'all doing?

I'm in as well! 1

NiciusB 1 year ago

I hope to be able to join for the third time!!
Even if my games weren't too good the last two alakajams, I hope to have learned enough to make something better this time!

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