Even Darker Dungeon

Find your way out of the dungeon. But be careful, because you can't fall asleep.


Move with the arrow keys, or WASD

Tools and assets

I decided to use the html5 canvas without any framework or engine, and it turned out to be pretty fun. Besides that, webpack and more unnecessary stuff (See https://github.com/NiciusB/alakajam2 )

The inspiration for the floor sprites came from this image: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/551479916853145733/ , but I wasn't able to find the game's name or author


I initially wanted to add potions, traps, and maybe some hidden stuff, but I couldn't come up with some decent ideas and decided to just focus on getting the ambient and difficulty right. You have to survive 3 days by finding the exit point before falling asleep. I believe that it's challenging, but not too hard. Now let's see what you think!

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).

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a year ago

fell victem to scope creep too i see.
but its a very nice game, couldent pass it but i like the effect, alwayse wanted to create a game with that masking effect.
also i know how hard it is to design a fun game in two days.
it was short and sweet the grafics are nice too.

a year ago

Thanks for the comment @yoel_r !
I'm afraid it might be too hard, but we'll see.

The masking effect in this particular case is extremely easy: A radial gradient from transparent to black, centered in the player. You should give it a try :p

a year ago

thats a simple solution opengl has gradiant fill and most of the engines i know, thanks will try it.

a year ago

I played the game and finished it on the second try but I think its pretty luck based.

Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago

Hey! Played the game here. That "light's getting out" mechanic was the one I used in a game I started to develop some time ago, so it was nice seeing it again in another game :P

The difficulty was just right. I had this sense of "I'm running out of time" while searching for exit.

What you see is what you get, and the controls are ok. It's just a little simple (of course because this is a jam and like you said in the descriptions, you focused on the base aspects.

a year ago

I got through it! I like that it shows the steps that you took to make it out of there. :D There's a lot that can be done with this and you have a great base for a deeper game!

a year ago

The basic gameplay is easy to understand. The locations of the exits are teased nicely and there's a good sense of urgency in the game. Feels like an idea worth exploring further! :)

a year ago

Easy to understand. I liked the texts :) Having the maze changing when you lose is a great idea to avoid people to memorize it!

a year ago

Simple idea but actually more fun than i thought it would be. The art style was nice, a little audio would have gone a long way for the atmosphere though. I agree also that the little text adds a lot to give a feeling of narrative and empathy.

a year ago

that was stressful! i thought the narration blurbs added a lot and were a good touch.

a year ago

I died on Day 3. The text at the top somehow manages to make it feel pretty tense, but much of the gameplay is just trial and error, without any interesting choices to be made. Graphics are alright; simple but effective. Some spooky sound effects would have added a lot to the tension.

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​Find your way out of the dungeon. But be careful, because you can't fall asleep