Tijn a year ago on 4th Kajam

So I'm making a traffic light programming game for Kajam 4. I thought it would be fun to look at the cars zoom by and respond to the lights you've so cunningly set up.

The first thing I wanted to set up are the roads. Because I plan to make a bunch of different levels, it would be neat to have a little road drawing algorithm, so I easily have various layouts.

First I started with a basic horizontal and vertical road, like this:

Now of course, the next thing was to try to have an intersection, because that's where the traffic lights come in. So there we go:

Hmm… that doesn't look entirely right, does it. So I added some special intersect drawing code:

Pretty sweet, if I may say so myself :D It doesn't just support 2 roads either:

And it also supports more than 2 lanes :D

And that's it for now. Next up: adding cars!

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a year ago

That road looks terrifying! Can't wait to play this ^^

a year ago

I'm also pleased to report I've fixed the annoying corner thingie.

a year ago

Wow great! I loved that game about drawing roads, Freeways. Setting up traffic lights should be interesting :D

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