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Raindrinker 2 years ago on 4th Kajam

I love Artificial Intelligence, I actually just finished computer engineering, and did some things in that department, but I almost always end up disappointed when I try to really go deep with AI in games.

A project I had in the backburner for some time is a game like the ones by Zachtronics, where the player is asked to "program" the solution of a puzzle, with a lot of freedom. I once tried to envision a game where you design the "orders" for a military squad, almost programming without noticing, and they follow them and hopefully end up victorious. Gladiabots does something similar with quite a success.

I'd really like to make a game like that, a game that is thinking-heavy, but you're not solving puzzles, you're solving problems.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1_zmx-wU0U (Mark Brown's video on that)

Ill decide a genre (puzzle platformer probably) and design an interface so you can "program" the player character/s. Let's see how it goes.

Good luck to all! :D

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Oh it's a great idea to try and make a Zachtronics-like game. The only time I've ever seen a such thing for a jam is with @thomastc 's Leonardo's Painting Machine.

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Wow that games is o cool O_O
Yeah, that's the feel I wanna get, but I really need to think about it… Its not like when you are devign a platformer, that you can quickly check if the movement feels good.

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Great, glad to have you on board! I also haven't seen many games of this type so I'm excited to play what you come up with :)

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