I'll be on vacation without a computer, but joining anyway 3

thomastc • 1 year ago on 15th Alakajam! entry  Card Hopper

And by "computer" I mean a thing with a physical keyboard, of course; smartphones and ebooks don't count. I know there are probably ways to make a game on a phone, but poking my eyes out with a fork sounds only marginally less pleasant than that.

Instead, I'm bringing a deck of cards and will design you a card game this time! I know it says "video game" in the rules, but a conversation in Discord made it clear that this is an oversight; it was never intended to exclude physical games.

I'll only use a regular deck of 52 playing cards and maybe some tokens, and probably aim for a single-player game, so the threshold for playing and rating shouldn't be too high.

It'll be interesting.

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We updated the rules!

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Really cool idea! :)
Looking forward to

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good luck! It's quite tricky to do, in my experience!

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