The Fifth Alakajam Tournament shall now proceed! 1

laaph • 4 years ago on 5th AKJ Tournament 

Start your button mashers, folks! We are now embarking on the fifth Alakajam tournament! Go find our selected games, play them, and take a screenshot of your high score! Submit them and compete for the best Alakajam player ever!

Are you sad that your game did not feature in the tournament? Don't be distressed, we will do this again, so be sure to submit your game! We only ask that it have a high score, be either web or cross-platform compatible, and that appears on the Alakajam website somewhere! Submit here! Submit early, submit often!

So go to the games, play, and get a higher score than any one else has!

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 • 4 years ago • 

Yay! I just went through the different games to post a first score, they are all pretty cool. I don't expect to shine at Tower of Birds though :-x

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