Tournament has ended, final results are out!

tournament ran 12-27 October 

The 5th Alakajam Tournament has come to a close! 0

laaph • 4 years ago 

Congratulations to Aurel300, shintaku, and jcochet for their amazing skills at the games that you, the participants of Alakajam, have created!

Go admire the leaderboard here!

If you would like to see your creation being featured in the 6th Alakajam Tournament which will be approximately some time around March 2020, fill out the form here!

Coming soon will be the November Challenge, and then in December we will have Feedback Fortnight! November Challenge is a challenge to yourself to make $1 from your video games. Feedback Fortnight is where you can take a work in progress, submit it, and participants give feedback to all the games submitted.

Thanks to both all the makers of the games and to the players of the games! It takes both to have fun making and playing video games!

The Fifth Alakajam Tournament shall now proceed! 1

laaph • 4 years ago 

Start your button mashers, folks! We are now embarking on the fifth Alakajam tournament! Go find our selected games, play them, and take a screenshot of your high score! Submit them and compete for the best Alakajam player ever!

Are you sad that your game did not feature in the tournament? Don't be distressed, we will do this again, so be sure to submit your game! We only ask that it have a high score, be either web or cross-platform compatible, and that appears on the Alakajam website somewhere! Submit here! Submit early, submit often!

So go to the games, play, and get a higher score than any one else has!

Coming soon: the Fifth Alakajam Tournament is about to start! 0

laaph • 4 years ago 

Let's take a break from making games, and play the games that we have been making instead!

How it works: We pick a selection of games that have been submitted to various Alakajam events. These games have a commonality in that they will track a score. (Edit: This tournaments games have been selected! But, if you want to be in the next tournament, submit here!) Then, for two weeks, you play these games, and when you get a high score, take a screenshot and submit your score! Easy and fun!

And then, if you have the most high scores, we will post a fancy graphic that looks like you won prizes! You will get your user name posted next to a picture of a trophy! Can you begin to imagine the bragging rights?

The Fifth Alakajam Tournament is from October 11th to the 27th, so mark your calendars!