Coming soon: the Fifth Alakajam Tournament is about to start! 0

laaph • 4 years ago on 5th AKJ Tournament 

Let's take a break from making games, and play the games that we have been making instead!

How it works: We pick a selection of games that have been submitted to various Alakajam events. These games have a commonality in that they will track a score. (Edit: This tournaments games have been selected! But, if you want to be in the next tournament, submit here!) Then, for two weeks, you play these games, and when you get a high score, take a screenshot and submit your score! Easy and fun!

And then, if you have the most high scores, we will post a fancy graphic that looks like you won prizes! You will get your user name posted next to a picture of a trophy! Can you begin to imagine the bragging rights?

The Fifth Alakajam Tournament is from October 11th to the 27th, so mark your calendars!

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