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This page compiles a list of free resources for making games, especially for beginners. If you have suggestions to add please let us know!

Graphics software

Name Description
Gimp Popular general purpose drawing and image manipulation software. Open Source.
Inkscape Popular vector graphics software. Open Source.
Krita Digital painting program. Open Source.
Blender Popular 3D modeling & animation software. Open Source.
Paint.NET Intuitive image editing, like Paint but enhanced with layers, transparency, etc. (Windows only).
MagicaVoxel Voxel editor, which is a cool way to make original assets, either in 2D or 3D.
Piskel Editor for animated sprites, has an online version. Ad-supported.
GraphicsGale Old-school looking but powerful pixel art editor, supports animations.

Audio software

Name Description
sfxr Excellent and accessible tool for creating sounds effects. Check @thomastc's jfxr for an online variant.
Chiptone Visual, powerful, online sound generator.
Audacity Simple and popular audio recording, mixing & conversion software. Perfect for turning WAVs into lighter formats.
Beepbox The easiest music making tool you could find. Online and Open Source.
Bosca Ceoil Easy music editor, great for beginners. Misses an undo button. Open Source.
TIC-80 While a full-featured fantasy console, you could just use its accessible music tracker. Open Source.
Audiotool Online, knobs-and-cables music editor. Exporting requires a free account.
LMMS Full featured, cross-platform music creation software inspired by FL Studio. Open Source.

Game engines/frameworks

General purpose engines

Name Description
Godot Engine Powerful engine for 3D and 2D games. Uses a Python-like language. Open Source.
Unity Popular and feature-rich engine, both for 3D and 2D games. Requires programming in C#. Free version has few limitations and plenty to work with.
Unreal Engine Popular and feature-rich engine specialized in 3D games. Supports a quite accessible, visual scripting language called Blueprints. And good old C++.
Defold A cross-platform engine mostly made for 2D games targeting web and mobiles. Originally a proprietary engine, it turned Open Source in 2020.
TIC-80 Fantasy console, similar to the popular but paid Pico-8. Customizable palette. Open Source.
Stencyl 2D game engine that uses visual blocks instead of code. Free version lets you publish for the web.
GDevelop 2D game engine letting you write logic without knowledge of coding. Open Source.
Game Pencil A cross-platform 2D engine inspired by Unity & Game Maker, except Open Source. Uses JS scripting.
PlayCanvas Web-based, collaborative 3D engine, think Google Docs except for game making. Free to use for public projects. Multi-platform.
GB Studio Game Boy ROM creation engine, also exports to the web and mobile. No coding required, open source.
Wick Editor A web editor for animation and games, largely inspired by the Flash editor.

Genre-specific engines

Name Description
Twine Popular engine for writing interactive stories without code. Version 2 is web-based. Open Source.
Bitsy Web-based visual engine for little pixel art adventure games.
Ren'Py A popular visual novel tool, using a simple scripting language. Also supports Python scripting. Open source.
PuzzleScript Online puzzle game engine using a concise custom language. Open source.
Scratch Very accessible, and even kid-friendly engine for creating visual stories, animations and games.
Flickgame Barebones pixel art editor and point-and-click engine, uses a color code system as hyperlinks. Open source.

Beginner-friendly frameworks

Name Description
Löve2D Popular 2D game framework built to be easy to use. Uses the accessible Lua language. Open source.
PhaserJS JavaScript framework to make 2D games for the browser. Open source.
LibGDX Cross-platform Java framework with lots of features for both 2D and 3D. Open source.

Free assets

Name Description
Open Game Art A popular platform for finding/sharing graphics & audio with permissive licenses.
Kenney's Asset Packs Large variety of cute art packs. Public domain.
Nobiax Texture Pack A pack of 1300+ quality textures and patterns. Public domain.
Free Music Archive A large database of permissive music (mostly Creative Commons), featuring a wide range of styles.
FreeSound A huge database of sound effects (mix of Creative Commons and Public Domain).
Soniss GDC 2018 Bundle | 2017 Massive packs of game-related royalty-free sounds.
Universal LPC Sprite Sheet Generator Customizable character sprite sheets assembled from open art.

Screen capture

Name Description
Open Broadcaster Software Lets you record your desktop to either videos or streaming platforms.
ScreenToGif Powerful tool for recording short sequences from your screen, editing them and exporting them as gifs (Windows only).
GifCam A lightweight tool for capturing Gifs from your screen (Windows only).
Peek Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface. Cross-platform.
Gyazo Service letting you capture your screen (as a picture or GIF) and automatically publishing the result to a dedicated website.
Snipping Tool A native and often underrated Windows program for capturing screnshots.

Level design

Name Description
TilEd Powerful editor for 2D maps (platformers, RPGs, etc.), which can then be exported in either its own TFX format or simple JSON. Open Source.
LDtk A modern 2D level editor, with a strong focus on user-friendliness. Supports JSON and TFX exports. Open Source.


Name Description
Game jams: The Game-Jammer's Cookbook An extensive and illustrated PDF about what it takes to make a successful game jam entry. Soft paywall.
Art: Ctrl+Paint An excellent and extensive collection of videos about drawing in general, then digital painting in particular. Whatever art style you are interested in, these can help you improve your art skills.