Feedback Fortnight rulesContribute to this page

Feedback Fortnight is an annual event where you are invited to submit any game you worked on this year. While you can use this event as a game jam, you can actually use it to get feedback on a longer term project you're working on, or maybe a game from a past jam that you improved since.


The only available division is Unranked, as the event doesn't produce winners. The focus is on plain feedback.


  1. Before the event: All you can do is create blog posts. Feel free to introduce yourself or the game you plan to make/submit.
  2. Submission week-end: When the event launches, you have a week-end to prepare your game if needed, and of course submit it to the website.
  3. Exchanging feedback: Once games are submitted, everyone gets to play and comment on each other's games for a couple weeks. The more games you comment on, the higher your own is featured in the games list!


At the end of the event, the most dedicated reviewers will be announced as this year's Feedback Champions, by a completely subjective jury :) The games theirselves don't get any ratings or rankings.

What is allowed/not allowed?

It's okay if the game is unfinished, closed-source, made as a team, we don't mind either if the game was started before the current year. The only requirements are that the game must be yours, and is made playable for free.

All third-party assets are allowed as long as you have the license to use them.