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About three times per year, we host gaming tournaments for actually competing on the jam games you make!

How it works

For two weeks, everyone is invited to play and post high scores on a selection of games which have been submitted to the site. Using screenshots or videos as proof, players then compete in those games' leaderboards for points.

On each game, players are awarded a number of points for being in the top 10, as per the table below. The players with the highest total scores are shown on a global leaderboard throughout, and at the end we'll announce the winner and runners up.

Look for tournaments in the events history page to see how things work, who are the title holders… and when the next one is due! :)

We need your games!

You might be wondering, how do I get my game in there? If you've submitted a game on Alakajam! which has high scores and might be suitable, make sure you have ticked the "Allow use for tournaments" checkbox in your entry. To attract the attention of the hosts to your game, you can also fill out this form.

Before the tournament begins, a small number of games (usually 4) will be picked on a few criteria: the more accessible the better (so cross-platform and web games are preferred), and we try to have a nice blend of genres.