The Pit

How deep will you get in the pit?


When you are going down be care with the rocks, root and other constructions that old miners left in the pit or you will lose

Lets see how deep you will get!!


  • You can use 'A' and 'D' to move the character.
  • You can use 'Left Arrow' and 'Right Arrow' to move the character.

Instructions to play:

Extract and execute de exe file

Our third Alakajam, with new members in the team 💪.

Music by our team member Daviro.
Character design from

Known Bugs:

  • The in-game and final score it´s not showing.

Voting results


This game entered in the Team competition (16 entries).

Comments (12)

 • 3 months ago  • 

Cute graphics! This fits the theme really well. The character was very hard to control, wish the controls were a bit tighter. Would have been nice to see a high score, hope you can implement it later!

 • 3 months ago  • 

Fun game with great sprites and music. However, I don't know if this is intentional, but the horizon movement feels unresponsive or floaty. Also, the score is not displayed. Overall, a fun entry.

 • 3 months ago  • 

Cute little game! Great job! Damage could have used more visual feedback. The music could have just looped since it started over with every death. It would have been nice to see different mechanics.

 • 3 months ago  • 

Liked the graphics and the idea fit perfectly with the theme. Music looping was fun the first couple of times but got repetetive quickly. Movement was very floaty.. Nice little game!

 • 3 months ago  • 

Hello guys,

Correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that you are using graphics and sounds by people who are not the team members, and have been made prior to the jam? If this is correct, we will need to move you to the unranked division.

 • 3 months ago  • 

Cool pixel art!
Fits the topic very nicely (and we actually had a similar concept in mind:) )
I think obstacles could be a bit more visible and the character moves a bit slow, but I could be biased as I played my game countless times during development :D

 • 3 months ago  • 

Neat graphics, love the subtle falling animation on the character :).
Controls felt a bit unresponsive and it took me a few tries to understand what killed me.
Good job :)

 • 3 months ago  • 

Hi, first of all thanks everyone for your feedback, we are traying to fix de score error.

In response to @laaph, the music is from one of our team members, daviro, but I put his soundcloud page to make a bit of spam :P, and about the character the rules says that it´s fine to use "some existing assets but significantly transformed them, as long as you list the original assets in your game page for the raters to appreciate.", I think I understand this in the right way.

 • 3 months ago  • 

Difficult game! Very nice art, well done!

 • 3 months ago  • 

I also had an issue where there was no score at all. The music and ambience noise were both very good. The gameplay itself felt lacking and the movement felt clunky because of how long it took to change directions. Personally, I would've preferred it if there were more obstacles, but I could move faster. The pixel art looks nice, although I'm not a fan of reskinning assets. In terms of art, I also have a couple minor suggestions. The whole thing looks a bit dark. It would be nice if there were some contrast in the colors. The colors themselves aren't consistent between the player and the environment. Two different types of browns are being used here, which looks odd. I'd recommend sticking to a palette to keep things consistent.

None of the things I've mentioned aside from the score (which I'm assuming you're working on fixing) were huge issues. Overall I feel like the game was pretty well put together. Good job.

 • 3 months ago  • 

Same problem here - no score visible.
I think you should have given the dangerous elements much more contrast to the background. I was very confused for quite a while why I died, until I understood that the rocks, that for me looked like they'd belong to the background of the pit, are actually deadly obstacles. And maybe the game should start slower. Overall I would have liked to move more freely, it felt a bit sluggish.
I also don't know if changing a very distinctivly looking pixel human's shirt color is already a "substantial change to the graphics". In any case I would recommend to create your own graphics next times.

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 3 months ago  • 

It's challenging, and that's partly due to the controls feeling quite slow and laggy. I feel like this was intentional though. The graphics and music though are great, and I love how the character looks like he's tapping his foot to the beat. It would also be great if the score was displayed

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How deep will you get in the pit?





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