I have been working on a Quake-like engine for over a year now.
This uses it.
It is currently just a short demo.
It should run in MS-DOS or Win32.
You can't save the game, the load menu is a dummy one.
There isn't much to do other than walk around.
There is more art than was possible to include, in the end.
You could see it with Misfit Model 3D.
all3d.cfg can be edited, to change resolution, bitdepth, enable or disable lights.

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A crappy "tech demo" for an upcoming first person horror game project.





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7 months ago

This is cool! I'm hoping to see future developments and some game mechanics and shit. Textures are great

7 months ago

Nice job, the engine works well! I liked the art and choice of textures in the levels. The sound and look of transitions between rooms reminded me of stuff like Resident Evil and Galerians - I know it's quite a common transition but those games in particular came to mind. I assume the calm exploration and cramped places recall survival horror games more than fast-paced shooters.

Any idea what kind of gameplay you're aiming for btw?

7 months ago

Pretty much a survival horror game indeed, although unusually first person. I'd like the player to depend mostly on melee weapons and not be effective either way against the enemies. This, with exploration and some light puzzle elements.

7 months ago

I'm really very impressed with this, @kdrnic. The engine is already working very well and the graphics are perfect for the era. Obviously it's super cool that it's working in DOS too! It reminds me of a lot of my childhood favourites, so I'm very excited about playing a full game :D

(Very nice engine intro, by the way :D )

7 months ago

@toasty the intro was previously written in Js for tapegro and used in a 1HGJ entry called "Conker for Nintendo 486", the source in fact countains #define function double and typedef double var

7 months ago

Really nice to finally get to try out your infamous engine. Very cool, technically impressive stuff. The world is quite nice and I particularly appreciated that you took the time to provide a wide range of interesting TV shows to watch. Can't wait to play more and get brutally murdered by vertex animated foes

7 months ago

typedef double var :D :D

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