Beat Duel

BEAT DUEL is rhythm game.

Challenge your friends to a Drums FACE-OFF! Keep the flow going while adding beats to the music, make combo notes to increase difficulty!

Play multiplayer Rhythm Duel game on ONE device only.
Download link for ANDROID only.

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Rhythm duel game


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3 months ago

I'm sad that it is only on Android :( but i played on my brother's phone and the game is good ^^

3 months ago

The game is pretty cool!
It is unfortunate that the color on the grid indicates the player who played. Put the color of the drum element would make a rhythm game like guitar hero but with versus.
Anyway, congratulations! Doing a rhythm game is not easy ;)

3 months ago

Game is great.
It's a super interesting approach to the theme. I did a couple of games with my collegues and we had fun.

Having a visual aid for the notes to hit would be a great upgrade.
You could also add a small rythmic song behind following the different BPM.

GG guys! I would love to see more of this in future jam

3 months ago

Fun game!

Original theme approach.
I did not understand how to play at first, but after a bit of time I had some fun playing it!

Well done and I hope you had fun making the game!

3 months ago

Wow, a mobile-only game? Too bad it doesn't work on my phone (all polygons are rendered as solid magenta), but it warns me in advance that my phone doesn't meet the hardware requirements so I guess that's fair :)

3 months ago

I think a bit more indication of the button to press rather than the memory aspect would make this a bit easier for more players. I wouldn't mind a single player mode for a game like this, especially with what jcochet mentioned. It could even pick at random! Impressive jam. Very polished too. Great work.

2 months ago

Great game idea! It was quite hard for me to figure out how it worked though!

The color system is quite confusing: the different drums have colors, but the note colors don't match them. It took me a while to understand that red and blue are player colors, and it also took me a while to understand that while colors don't appear on the grid we have to remember them and use the right ones.

Thanks for adding a much welcome tutorial, that let me discover the rules through trial and error more comfortably than the repeated game overs :P I'd like to note though that the tutorial itself was quite difficult to complete, and it took me a few attempts to succeed (I only played a single drum to achieve that). Which brings to my next issue…

The game is super hard :D Even in easy mode, each slot being an eighth note can lead to very tricky rhythms depending on what players do. I've rarely gone past one full turn because I didn't have the required precision. If only in easy mode, it would have been fun to rely more on memory and letting longer games unfold rather than requiring good skill and rhythm. I'm sure quarter or even half notes could already be fun. You know what, even just a single drum could have been fine in easy mode (make it a tie if the players manage to fill the whole grid :P). The music itself is a bit tricky to follow, with the lack of click and that note on the third beat.

All in all I think you've got an excellent game idea here, with greath potential both as a single-player (AI would be quite easy to make) and two-player mobile game. The fact that the game is too hard just shows that you can easily add a lot of contents, simply by dumbing things down. I hope you'll keep improving it!

2 months ago

Nice but slightly unintuitive game as I didn't realise it was 2 players only. The colours representing the player rather than the drum was also confusing, although I suppose adds to the challenge.

This could be fun playing vs a friend but I'm not sure playing on a single phone works.

Nice take on the theme, and quite an original idea!

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