Dark Archer

This is the Dark Archer which was created from scratch (minus a tiny bit of shooting/control code reused from Archer) in about 12 hours for a relaxed Alakajam. Primary purpose was to test the feature/mechanic of not being able to see everything!

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This game entered in the Solo competition (45 entries).


Use flamings arrows to light the torches, find the spiders and clear the cave!


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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


I remember this game! I saw some minutes of your stream when you were beginning it :P

Well, I got to say, the controls aren't the most perfect in the world, but I managed to kill those damn spiders and light the cave up.

You win!

a year ago

I could not manage to learn the controls. I can fire with the left mouse button obviously, but I cannot change the direction where the arrow is flying to.

a year ago

For some reason I like that voiceover.

A successful tech demo. The vision system works about as well as it could. The graphics aren't bad either.

With one simple change and this would go up a notch in the hierarchy of interactive things (from a toy to a challenge): limit the amount of arrows! If the player spends all the arrows without killing all the spiders they lose. That's all you need!

Good effort for so few hours, but in its current state I cannot drown you with points (maybe that's a good thing!)

Overall: 4 (Below average)
Graphics: 5 (Average)
Audio: 7 (Good)
Gameplay: 3 (Bad)
Originality: 3 (Bad)
Theme: 5 (Average)

(@silviacavadas) • a year ago

After a lot of trying I managed to find that clicking around in several places on the person/around the bow allows to send the arrow in different directions, but it's still not clear to me how exactly the system works. An explanation/better visual indication of the aiming mechanic (or even a redesigning to a more intuitive mechanic) would be crucial. The graphics and sound effects are nice :)

a year ago

Woohoo this is it, the spiritual successor to the Archer game is finally out!

That's actually an interesting twist on the original game, and it could be really fun if it had some balancing mechanic or any sort of difficulty. In the current state, once we get the gameplay we can simply spam the mouse button all around the place and complete levels in 5 seconds.

The cheapest solution I coud think of would be to do something like @sorceress' game, ie. give a largeish stock of arrows and see how far we could go, in successive levels where arachnids are randomly placed.

Otherwise the controls are ok, the basic arrow-shooting mechanic being quite satisfying, though I would have enjoyed it more if shooting triggered some animations (on the player and the lights/enemies we reach, ie. some juicy stuff).

I see learning the controls was not obvious for people who didn't play the original game - a cheap possibility to help both games would have been to let the players shoot even if they're on the wrong quadrant ; ie. if they try to click directly on the enemies for instance, the player ends up shooting its own foot or the likes. It's dumb but it makes it immediately obvious how you're supposed to play.

The art and audio are reasonable without being groundbreaking, but for the super short week-end that you did, the result is very respectable. Congrats!

a year ago

Pretty awesome! I wish I had some things to point out, but I guess everything is well resumed in the comments above, nice job!

a year ago

Can't lie, controls almost ruin this for me. Not sure if it's something about my machine (hidpi maybe) but im having to move the mouse around a tiny little 8x8 pixel area to aim. BUT THIS JUST ADDS TO THE CHALLENGE. Honestly this is the best Gnome vs Spider cave archery game I've played this year and the soundeffects are pretty cool too

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