The Lich King

All over the kingdom the Lich King is feared

His power and evil is total

Many have tried to destroy him

Many have failed

Will you?

Z (or C or N) to attack, X (or V or M) to jump, arrow keys to move

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(@OatMealPal)  • 3 years ago  • 

I enjoy this game to a maximum amount of enjoyingness.
But, really. Nice game.

Possible New Name:
Celery Goblin

The Jamician
(@administrator)  • 3 years ago  • edited  • 

Our review:


  • Rich and interesting map, full of secrets
  • Mostly fair difficulty both regarding controls and item locations
  • 100% retro feel


  • "Lich King opponent blasting off again!"

 • 3 years ago  • 

I love the art and music in this game. The environment is full of interesting details, and stylish too. My favourite part so far has been the weapon animations. I haven't yet found the silver key, but will keep trying :D

 • 3 years ago  • 

Great game!

The art style really works, the controls are tight, and it IS difficult but never unfair. I had fun :)

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A 4-colour game made with PICO-8 for the CGAJAM, June 2017.


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