You're a flask… What's more to say? (Sorry for the wonky reset. I couldn't fix it with the limited skills I have)
I should've opted out of Audio. Didn't know what happened there.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (36 entries).

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a year ago

Hey, nice work on the graphics!

The controls were really hard. I honestly tried for 10 minutes but I couldn't get very far. I think the flask accelerates too fast and goes over the border too easily.

I really liked the concept.

a year ago

"The darks souls of roll a ball !" :D

I really like the idea where you don't controll a ball but something wonkier and the design is pretty nice.
But the game is really unforgiving and after 20 minutes I gave up. Either checkpoints, larger platforms or border walls vould have made the game a bit less frustrating.

Congratulations on the entry ! With a bit of finetuning it could be a very nice game :)

a year ago

What made this so enjoyable was that the themed shape of the rolling object added in a positive way to challenge of the game. It wasn't simply roller ball, you had to be wary of the cork, and sometimes it added to the challenge in a healthy way. Took me about 15-20 goes! Good fun!

a year ago

I should've been opted out of the audio. I either forgot to tick that or the site didn't register. The game has no sound and I have no experience in sound design (No experience in making sound and adding it in Unity). Sorry for that

a year ago

Got to the long bridge on the second go. It was nerve-wracking and then I dropped the ball near the very end… Checkpoints!

There's not a lot to say. The flask neck adds a lot of challenge to the Marble Madness formula, I like that. The visuals are somewhat ruined by the drab grey background; doesn't look like an alchemists lab to me. Audio sure would have elevated the mood too. The theme isn't conveyed very strongly due to these limitations.

Cool, simple concept; ok execution; a few things lacking. It's fine.

O 6, G 5, A -, G 8, O 8, T 3

a year ago

Nice gameplay, I retried several times trying to speedrun this. A timed mode would be great!

a year ago

Cool. Finished the game. I like how hard it feels to contol a potion. The player has to be patient and careful. I didn`t like the camera, it was way too close to the sphere. For somebody(not for me) you could add a checkpoint in the middle of the game. I also wanted to see a jump mechanic ^_^

a year ago

A cool entry that makes great use of flasks to actually turn their shape into a gameplay element! Congrats with this Monkeyball variant, it was a bit difficult but I managed to finish it after 6 or 7 attempts.

Like others said, a couple checkpoints would have been welcome, as well as some tweaks regarding camera positioning or just how level design adapts for the camera.

Other than that it was fun, and the art is good, especially the hero!

Note about opt-outs: due to a bug it wasn't possible to opt-out of Audio after the event but it's now fixed, it's not too late :)

a year ago

Very fun game! I included it in my Alakajam #1 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/YUCYcrngipc

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You're a flask. Get to the blue spinning cube!


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