Batterycorp 2: KRANE

Simply perform the correct procedure to not explode.

Batterycorp 2: KRANE


  • Mouse to interact
  • Keyboard to type

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 • 11 days ago • 

I lost it at the TBH button puzzle. Couldn't manage to click any buttons except the one under the YEH?
Really enjoyed my time playing, though. And it's very polished.

 • 9 days ago • 

The game is clean and I loved the graphics of the computer. I also like the idea of using books to solve puzzles, a bit like the library in MYST 1. I just think that some of the puzzles were a bit too complex but easy (I mean, solving the puzzle was straightforward, just requiring a lot of handwork from the player).

For example in the login puzzle, I found really funny the idea that the red book is not the book with a red cover, however, the puzzle to get username and password is a simple letter and page count that you tell to the player. It requires a lot of concentration not to miss one letter or one page, but it does not require actually a real problem solving or clever connections between hints from the player.

 • 8 days ago • 

This was a very nice and polished entry, but holy crap the Auxiliary D-Lay procedure was frustrating! 😄 I dunno if I'm just super bad, but I had to crank the scale of my desktop up to 175% on my 14" laptop to even have a chance at it. 😅

I enjoyed the other puzzles very much though, and the game fits the theme very well!

 • 1 day ago • 

I couldnt really play all of it but man does this look polished. The writing had me chuckling quite a bit. The instructions reminded me of Keep talking and nobody explodes. Awesome work man!

 • 1 day ago • 

This game does a good job of recreating the feel of old technology — it reminds me of Apple computers from the 1980's (or thereabouts). The color scheme and overall mood reproduce the experience of being an office-worker in a large beaurocracy. It brings back memories! I was hoping the sticky notes would provide the necessary login information, but to no avail. The puzzzles are beyond my ken — but that is mainly my fault (am not good at puzzle games, with few exceptions). Regardless, the retro-graphics and retro-sound are well done.

I guess one way to improve this game is to let the user log in (after solving a relatively simple puzzle), then increase the difficulty of the puzzles gradually. Just my 2 cents.

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