A journey to the wild

Graphical novel. The journey of a cute button mushroom from its cave to the discovery of the forest.

The story: you're Hilton, a cute button mushroom, very happy in her mushroom farm. You meet a weird new cep, and it's the beginning of an initiatic journey into the Outside.

There are 12 different endings. All the choices are not available in the same time, but depend on the scores of the 3 jauges:

  • Conformity vs Singularity
  • Sociability vs Introvert
  • Confort vs nature
    The score of the jauges changes according to your choices and reaction during the journey. There is no wrong choice, just different ways of welcoming the adventure.

This is a graphic novel coded with Renpy. Our first try for this kind of game, and with this tool.
Quite funny, but we feel we could do much more, especially with the customization of the GUI.

All photos were taken during the week-end. We did not have the chance to take a picture of all the elements we introduced in the game…

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 • 2 months ago • 

Well, that was a trip. I'm a big fun of fungi so it was good to see a range of mushrooms represented. I made it out into the wild and liberated myself from the horrors of factory farming. Full marks for theme.

 • 2 months ago • 

This was amazing. I'm at a loss of words about how so little text can convey such a fantastical fairy tale! It has adventure, personal growth and fits the fungi theme ideally. Great job!

 • 2 months ago • 

I played your game on my stream last saturday!
And together with my audience we made our way through your awesome story!
I definitly want so see the other endings as well, so I will probably play your game every now and then until I've seen them all :D
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1416408407?t=1h24m49s here is video with the timestamp if you want to see it.
By the way, I'm not sure if I said it on stream, but taking pictures/using fotos for grafics is an awesome idea!!

 • 2 months ago • 

Well done for having a graphic novel based on photos! I liked that the game gave me plenty of choices to shape my character, although the story panned out the same in both playthroughs; maybe it's a bit more linear than I thought. Full marks on theme, since not only is the protagonist a mushroom, but she also clearly lives in a mushroom world with a mushroom point of view.

 • 2 months ago • 

I destroyed my pretty skin on the unforgiving dangers of nature! Unacceptable! Nobody will want to eat me again back a the farm D:

Fun little story, unusual and original. Props for taking actual pictures of nature & shrooms and build a game around them, it must have been a fun exercise!

The 3 gauges were interesting but after trying a couple endings I'm not sure how they impacted the story. Maybe having a little "personality type" text at the end depending on our scores would have made them more meaningful.

 • 2 months ago • 

Like @thomastc, it's a nice idea to base the story on a mushroom point of view.
I had some loop on the story. Once I tried all 3 choices without success. I was able to quit the loop on my 4th attempt.
Anyway well done.
PS: There was no audio for me. If it's not just me, you can disable ratings for audio ;)

 • 2 months ago • 

Nice photography! This game made me feel very very weird. I don't know how to feel about supple white skin of a round mushroom… I was surprised how long it was. Well done!

  • 2 months ago • 

To all: thank you so much for your very nice and positive feedbacks.

@Flipsy Thnaks. That was not easy to find various mushrooms in March ;)

@Synchronleuchter We're delighted you liked the game that much!

@thomastc Yes, the story is completely linear. Only the final proposed choices at the end differ according to your previous answers (through the 3 gauges). I guess we missed explanations/feedback to the players on this point.

@xXBloodyOrange Thanks for your video! It's always very instructive to watch someone playing your game.
Despite our initial idea, we feel the story is a bit too long to foster people to play several times.

@Wan You're rght, we did not explain enough how the gauges work. We wanted to add feedbacks (and art!) on the gauges to make it clearer, but we ran out of time (and perhaps did not have the good priorities).
And we could have explained why the final choices were proposed.

@Thrainsa Yes, we saw a few bugs after the release. Sorry you found them…

@M2tias Perhaps a bit too long, indeed. Especially if we want players to replay to try new endings!

  • 2 months ago • 

@thomastc @xXBloodyOrange
For the most curious, here are the endings that are proposed, according to the position of the gauges at the end of the adventure:


Conformity + nature → She settles in the community, convinced by the community to come and live in nature
Conformity + Sociability → She settles in the community, the important thing is to be in good company.
Conformity + comfort → She returns to the champi to find her life before
compliant + Introvert → She goes back to the champi, she doesn't tell anyone and tries to forget her mistakes
Singularity + nature → Straddling the two communities, changes when she feels like it
Singularity + Sociability → free the mushrooms from the mushroom house
Singularity + comfort → Back to the champi, but becomes an outcast, she doesn't care to be perfect
Singularity + Introvert → settles alone as a hermit between the roots of an oak tree, behind a fern
nature + Sociability → She goes back to the shroom and tells everyone about it
nature + Introvert → Don't dare ask to stay. Go back to the mushroom and keep beautiful memories.
comfort + sociable → Go back to the shroom, we are among his own.
comfort + Introvert → Go back to the champi. There are strange people out there!

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